The outhouse will be an experience - talking to people will be wonderful

News 100 yellowBy Pepper Parr

April 16th, 2020



Without naming anyone – got the following from friends.

They, like hundreds of people, are looking for a way to break out of this social isolation we are all coping with.

outhouseThe friends said: “Once I’ve got the deck up – I can set up some social distant chairs and invite you two over – each bring our own picnic hamper including drinks and glasses –

“I have an outhouse so nobody needs to go into the house – but at least we can talk to each other without wearing a mask if we’re a metre or so apart.”

The outhouse will be a new experience but we do need to talk about that 1 metre distancing when all current advice recommends 2 metres.

Might wait until the next Town Hall the Mayor puts on and ask the medical experts if this would be acceptable.

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3 comments to The outhouse will be an experience – talking to people will be wonderful

  • David

    Why are the cut outs on out houses either a crescent moon or a star?
    Hint….Only the Women could use the one in this picture.

  • Claudette Mancini

    Good luck with the outhouse. If they don’t have enough TP, and we no longer have Eaton’s catalogues to use, what else is there? Warning: Don’t use dried leaves! Some of them might be dehydrated poison ivy!

    Editor’s note: Information overload

  • Phillip Wooster

    Perhaps the owner can play “Ode to the Little Brown Shack out Back” by Bobby Bare–great theme music!