'The Promenade of Pain,' in Spencer Smith Park until Friday the 16th

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October 8th, 2020



ReDress SS parkThe temporary art installation, “The Promenade of Pain,” has been extended through Friday, Oct. 16 in Spencer Smith Park.

Created by Jaime Black (Métis), the multidisciplinary artist who founded The REDress Project and is hosted by Burlington local, Amber Ruthart, First Nations, White Bear Clan, 60s scoop survivor and performance artist.

Located along the walkway beside the Waterfront Hotel and around the gazebo, this project focuses around the issue of missing or murdered Aboriginal women across Canada.

The dresses resemble red specters, floating from hangers in tree branches. Whether they flutter in the wind or drape eerily still, the dresses are not what haunts you but rather the absence of those who wore them.

The dresses represent the hundreds – perhaps thousands – of North American Indigenous women and girls who have been murdered or disappeared during the past four decades.

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