There is a Plan B for the re-development of the Waterfront Hotel property - a group of residents don't like the ideas the city Planning department seems to favour.

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November 9th, 2017



Back in 1995 city council approved the building of a hi-rise tower on Lakeshore Road – roughly where the Riviera Motel used to be.

It was originally going to be 30 storeys high. Shovels didn’t go into the ground until 2016 by which time the project became a three building project: 22 storey condo, 9 storey hotel and a smaller 7 storey condo.

Delta Hotel on the right and the 22 storey Bridgewater condominium on the left. Fianlly underway?

The Bridgewater development – seen from Lakeshore Road.

Many people were surprised when they learned of the project – they felt the view of the lake was being lost.

There is now another project that threatens to lessen the view of the lake – but this time city council is not going to get as easy a ride as they did in 1995.

There is a group of citizens that want to ensure that the public has a lot to say about this project before it goes too far.

The project is the plans to re-develop the Waterfront Hotel property.

There have been numerous public workshops – registration was less than 50 people most times.

The Planners want to take their favoured concept to a city council Standing committee at the end of the month.

Not so fast is the approach a group known as Plan B who want to slow the decision making process down to allow for far more public input.

They have a petition and a survey they would like people to take part in. Here is their story.

We are circulating links to a City survey and a Petition that we hope you will complete. The Petition takes about 1 minute and the survey maybe 2. This is your chance to influence what direction the City takes with your waterfront.

Emerging Preferred conceptYou may be aware that Burlington City Staff are in the process of developing a master plan for the property on the south side of Lakeshore Road at the foot of Brant Street where the Waterfront Hotel is currently located. This is required prior to the land being redeveloped by its owner.

Staff will be taking two concepts to City Council on November 28, 2017 at 6:30 pm (City Hall). Their first, Option A was developed by a consultant after several meetings with residents. It didn’t capture what residents were asking for, so they developed Option B. Again, it doesn’t capture what citizens are asking for and in some sense could be considered worse, so they are seeking input.

Plan B renderingOn November 6, three community organizations – Plan B (Burlington Waterfront Hotel Redevelopment), Burlington Waterfront, and Burlington Green met with city staff to discuss an alternative that more closely aligns with what we have heard residents asking for at the public meetings held by City staff.

City staff have a survey on their website asking for input on their two options.
Plan B has a petition asking residents to say no to City’s Option A and yes to Citizen Plan B that mitigates some of the issues of the City’s Option B.

Please open the link to the Petition first to view the Plan B proposal prior to completing the City survey so you can reply with an informed perspective.

Plan B petition – click here.

City staff short online survey

The Burlington Waterfront organization came out of what was once the Waterfront Advisory Committee that was set up by then Mayor Cam Jackson.  The 2010 city council disbanded that committee.

At the time both the Mayor and the then newly elected Ward 2 Councillor Marianne Meed Ward said they were going to set up waterfront committees.  The Mayor either lost interest or was beaten to the punch by Meed Ward.  She worked with interested people to get them started but never actually ran the committee.

Why didn’t the Mayor and Meed Ward work together?  Not a chance – Meed Ward has wanted to be Mayor since the day she decided to run for public office.

Burlington Waterfront is now a group of people who keep their eye on the waterfront and hold informative public meetings.  Part of that operation is a group called Plan B – they didn’t like what they sensed was the city was going in and they began to organize.

The petition is just the first step.

Burlington Waterfront

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2 comments to There is a Plan B for the re-development of the Waterfront Hotel property – a group of residents don’t like the ideas the city Planning department seems to favour.

  • craig

    Marianne meed ward for mayou I hope non ward 2 voters remember her role in the Pearson and Bateman school closings as well as her initial support for the new street lane restrictions for virtual bikes

  • craig

    how representative of all Burlington is plan! committee and from street level how much more of lake view is lost if cities plan for waterfront is approved vs what we have today? guess I am saying who will lose lake view in city development plan implemented?

    mayor I am hoping
    folks outside her ward remember who role in Bateman and Pearson school closing ang her