There was a lot of drooling going on along Brant Street Saturday - a lot of great rear ends on some of those cars.

Event 100By Pepper Parr

July 11, 2015


If it was meant as a way to get people out on the street – it worked magnificently.

Brant Street from Caroline to Lakeshore Road was shut down on a sunny Saturday while an estimated 15,000 people strolled along looking at the 100 + cars that were parked along the street – with many a proud owner sitting in a deck chair behind their car keeping an eye on the significant investment – many of these cars are as valuable as a house.

The oldest car was a 1919 Ford; the most expensive a $2.2 million Maclaren.

It was a dream day for the boys in shorts and dreams remembered for those who used to take that ’52 Chevy to the drive in theatre.

Put on by the Burlington Lions Club – it was an unqualified success by any measure.  See for yourself.

Man with a cane - maroon car

He just may have driven something like this once – perhaps his Dad taught him to drive in one!

Wall to wall card Nfty 55

Brant Street was closed off from Caroline to Lakeshore while an estimated 15,000 people strolled the street.

Fins on the Commander

It was the fins that got to us – they were seen as the sexist thing you could imagine – but we were younger then.

Love at first sight - red cars

We asked the photographer if it was love at first sight. “Yes it was” she said -” but don’t tell my husband.”

Pick up truck

Not the pick ups we see on the road today.


It must have been something to drive the curves in a road with that deck sitting out there behind keeping the rear wheels on the ground. These things had real horse power.

FRed Ford - a;most growling

That grill was not only something to get excited about – but it cooled that killer of an engine.

Ford - early one colour black

The oldest car in the show – a 1919 Ford.

Cream and brown Packard

A 1931 Studebaker that just reeked of class.

Blue roadster

A neat little roadster with a jump seat and a spare tire – they were needed when these things tooled along country roads.

Yellow Packard

You could almost hear the wistful sigh coming from this observer.

Ford + two others at Kellys

They were lined up like this all along Brant Street.

Smooth green bottom

When they talk about the sex appeal of a car – they are talking about curves like this


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