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April 24, 2017



To make sense of this article you have to understand Walt Rickli. He lives in Lowville, he is an artist, he works with stone. He is passionate about everything he does.

He told us earlier today that…”Many years ago some of the original founding families of Lowville decided there needed to be a park for kids to play in. Land was severed and the community got together and built what is now Lowville Park.

“I am sure they never imagined the positive impact it would have on people some 50 years later. It’s this type of visionary dreaming that I believe makes the world a better place.

“Fast forward to 2017… I discovered that the River Ruin property is for sale….the real estate agent Don Robertson is a friend of mine. This property has been our communities best kept secret, the walk to past the ruins (a side trail to the Bruce Trail) is magnificent… the old Cleaver house ruins are a testament to the stone masons of the time and is an important part of our heritage.

Rickli property idea 1

The property is listed at $699,950.

Rickli property idea 2Ready…here it is… What if… we were to purchase this property…as a community…just like the original Lowville families did… What a crazy idea. I thought about it for a while…the question was, would I regret it if I didn’t try.

Rickli property idea 3

Known locally as the River Ruins

So… This Thursday April 27th, 8:00 to 9:00 ish, at the Lowville Schoolhouse there will be a gathering of people do discuss this idea. It will be an informal meeting where we can openly discuss the concept and see if there is a spirit to continue. My thought is that at the very least our community would get together for a night and dream…how cool is that.

This concept of community is not limited to imposed city boundaries…what I am saying is…it doesn’t matter if you don’t live in Lowville. If the vision excites you, you are welcome to join in.

If you are not able to attend and would like to be part of this please let me know. I will send out a note after the meeting to inform interested and excited people as to what the outcome of the meeting was… Also if there is anyone who you know might be interested please pass along an invitation.”

Rickli closes with the word: Somnium  – Dreaming in Latin

You can reach Walt at:>

They do things like this in Lowville.


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