This election is all about power - the voters get to decide who wields it

By Pepper Parr

August 29th, 2021



Elections are about power.

Those who have it want to keep it.

Those who don’t sometimes think they can get it and they do their very best to win power.

The current Prime Minister wanted a majority which would give him the power he wants to run the country the way he wants.

Karina Gould has a seat in this house – Emily Brown wants that seat – you the public get to decide which woman will represent you best. Remember they both take an ideology with them.

There was no need for this election but the Governor General decided to agree to his request to form a new Parliament.

Karina Gould wants to be part of that government Emily Brown thinks she can win the seat.

The public will decide – our role is to do what we can to ensure that the voting public is well informed.

The candidates may not like what we write – we aren’t writing for the candidates. We are writing for people who are going to decide who they want to represent them

Emily Brown brings a lot to the table. She thinks she can win and should she do so – she will want to be a Member of Cabinet.

The Conservatives see an opportunity and they are going to fight as hard as they can to win the seat.

Both Karina Gould and Emily Brown have impressive educational achievements.

This country had a tradition of politicians meeting with media.

The argument that she is too busy organizing her campaign office to meet with media is spurious at best.

Ms Brown speaks of supporting traditional family values – truth, honesty and decency.

Ms Brown was the child of a military family. One would have thought she would be defend the values her Father put on a uniform to ensure we kept the democracy we have.

The power is always in the hands of the people.  Those who want that power are obligated to to be transparent and accountable.  Going door to door is part of the process, meeting with media is another part.

We wish her the best – and hope that she chooses to be what she is telling us she is.

Should she win the seat and find herself sitting in the House of Commons she will be a force to contend with.

Salt with Pepper is the musings, reflections and opinions of the publisher of the Burlington Gazette, an online newspaper that was formed in 2010 and is a member of the National Newsmedia Council.

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9 comments to This election is all about power – the voters get to decide who wields it

  • Jim Thomson

    – our role is to do what we can to ensure that the voting public is well informed.

    Guess you messed up with Ryan’s hit piece on Emily Brown.

  • Bob

    With the hack piece Ryan wrote, the partisan articles by Ray Rivers etc it is understandable why the candidate chooses to not interview with such a Liberal biased media

  • Joe Gaetan

    We had more than enough examples of it being “all about power” since 2015. It’s 2021 and time for a change.

  • Supporting democracy is far from Gould’s strong point as the community she serves will soon learn. Not something Gould defends regardless of her ministerial role to ensure safety of our elections (federal, provincial, municipal). COUNTING ON Emily to bring back democratic values to Burlington and Halton.

    • perryb

      A rather outrageous accusation. What will the community ‘soon learn’ that it has not been able to see already in the past five years? What evidence is there that Gould does not support democracy, or the community? Or that somehow there are no democratic values in Burlington? You sound more like sore losers to me.

      • Perry, give us an email address and we will send you the evidence that Gould has refused to address or acknowledge to us she received before the election was called. Don’t knock what you have not reviewed because too many very powerful politicians and bueaucrats have buried it.


      • Kim

        Calling the Trudeau Liberals out on not being democratic is fairly accurate.
        First, there was the Liberal boycott of the Committee on Women because they did not like the politics of MP Rachael Harder who was voted in as the chair. Does that sound democratic, to interfere with another parties member, to you?
        Second, Trudeau required non-profit groups to attest to Liberal dogma before they would be eligible for government funding to hire summer students. That sounds like something a Thrid World dictator would do.
        Third, the Liberals tried to push through a bill that gave them unlimited power to spend and tax without parliamentary approval was just another attempt to bypassing Canadian democracy.
        Then there are the numerous times the Liberals blocked investigations into their activity from refusing to waive cabinet confidentiality during the investigation into V.A. Norman (the Conservatives waived their cabinet confidentiality to proroguing Parliament to thwart a parliament committee’s investigation into the WE scandal. There are many more.
        Yes, all these sound undemocratic and Gould supports them.