Tim Hortons does a pivot; decides to sponsor free skating program - Covid rules limit ice pad to 10 people for one hour

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November 23rd, 2020



The very popular Tim Horton’s Free Skate program lost the donut maker’s sponsorship and, due to Covid rules, rink time was limited to 10 people on an ice pad for an hour, was what residents were looking at.

Tim Horton free skateTim Horton’s advised the city today that they would now sponsor the 65 skate sessions. Expect the number of sessions to increase now that the sponsorship is back in place.

The Tim Horton’s people were concerned with the number of people who would be on the ice pad at the same time.  With that issue resolved they were back at the table.

This Covid world has everything changing often.

You will have to register for one of those time slots. They will be spread around the different rinks in the city

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