Tim Hortons® Smile Cookie Campaign is Back September 13th to 19th

By Staff

September 8th, 2021



Robin Bailey, Executive Director of the Burlington Food Bank believes that the best way to get the support you need is to create collaborative relationships.

He works with a number of organizations to source the food he needs to help people who need help. The pandemic changed the way Food Banks work.

The need is much higher – while there are some people who are not impacted financially by Covid19 – there are many who don’t have the money needed to put food on the table.

The Food Bank has been there week after week for more than 18 months – helping out those who need help.

Tim Hortons restaurant in Burlington are donating 100% of proceeds from sales of Smile Cookies to the Burlington Food Bank.

This year in Burlington, local Tim Hortons restaurant owners and guests will be raising money to support the Burlington Food bank. Burlington Tim Hortons owners have been supporting the Burlington Food Bank for many years and this event is a major fundraiser raising $69, 249.00 during the 2020 campaign. The funds will be used to help with the snack program for school aged children in Burlington along with purchasing healthy nutritious food for individuals and families than need some help throughout the year.

“Everyone at the Burlington Food Bank is thankful for the incredible community support we receive through this great initiative and it allows us to serve our neighbours, thank you so much to all of the Burlington store owners and their customers!”

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