Town Hall on line at 6:45 pm - Call 1-800-280-9610 to listen in or follow the audio on twitter @yourtvhalton.

News 100 yellowBy Pepper Parr

March 26th, 2020



The city is going to hold an electronic town hall this evening – it will not be a web cast.  It will be audio only – to hear what is said you apparently dial into the 1-800 number – which we thought was for people who were going to ask question.

Telephone town hall logoFor an item that has been hyped by members of Council, the Mayor and her staff there is little in the way of clarity.

Cogeco TV is involved – a senior political staffer used the phrase “so I am told”.  Cogeco was apparently a late comer to the initiative.

Earlier in the week the Mayor was doing robo calls to random telephone numbers asking people to participate.

Council members sent notices out to their participants saying: “We know there are a great deal of questions in our community related to health, finances, and supporting those in need.  Call 1-800-280-9610 if you want to listen in. 

The people who will be asking questions have apparently been selected.

“Important information is changing daily, and not everyone in our city has access to channels like television, the internet, and print media.

“This one-hour town hall will be open to all members of the public and provide an opportunity to hear from a panel of leaders including:

Eric andewall TITLE

President and CEO of Joseph Brant Hospital

City Council and the Mayor
▪ Senior City Staff including City Manager, Tim Commisso
▪ MPP Jane McKenna
▪ President/CEO of Joseph Brant Hospital
▪ Medical Director of Infection, Prevention and Control of Joseph Brant Hospital
▪ Deputy Chief of Halton Regional Police
▪ Superintendent of Halton Regional Police

How to Participate
“Anyone who did not receive a telephone invitation can listen in by calling  1-800-280-9610 at 6:45 p.m. on Thursday, March 26 to join the town hall.

“For those individuals calling into the town hall, please be advised that more than one attempt may be required to connect to the call due to the high volume of traffic on the phone lines. If your call does not connect you to the town hall on your first try, please hang up and dial the 1-800 number again.

“Information about the town hall has also been shared across the city through the City’s website and social media channels.

“We ask our residents to help spread the word to their friends and neighbours so that anyone who is interested may participate.

“Once the call begins, participants will be provided instructions by a moderator for submitting their questions to the leadership panel.

“Any questions that are not answered within the hour-long call will be posted, with answers, to the City’s website at, along with an audio file of the call and a full transcript as soon we can.”

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