Travel to South Korea is now possible

By David Pringle

July 29, 2021



South Korea is a solid economic country that is fully Independent and has very well managed. If we considered the coronavirus situation and its management, the government has been successfully placed under the lower level coronavirus effect that made its travel and economic corridor easier in times of pandemic. South Korea visa for Canadian citizens is not very easy to obtain because of the language barrier, of course, and the Korean district supervision for the security and safety of its own country.

The wave of South Korean pop culture around the world hasn’t happened by accident – it was a deliberate government plan.

But that doesn’t stop the economy and trade with travel from flowing into Korea because everyone is curious about its culture and, of course, Korean pop culture.

Applying for Visa and resident ship in South Korea has been currently closed due to coronavirus and pandemic situation. Still, travel to the country with a low risk of coronavirus Transmission has been allowed under the general guidance of coronavirus safety.

You will need to have a permit of K-ETA for any business travel or tourism for six months.

What Is K-ETA? Why Is It Required?

A South Korean visa for Canadian citizens is straightforward, and Canadian only require a passport to enter South Korea for 180 days without any permission. But still, they need every document and identification to stay inside the country. From September 2021, it is announced that South Korea will also require a K-ETA permit for Canadians.

It is a kind of visa and a permit that will ensure that you are a green permit for you to visit South Korea and concerning all rules and regulations in South Korea concerning all Covid safety for the citizens of Korea and the safety of foreigners.

Vibrant cities with majestic mountains.

South Korea – a country with a deeply rooted culture

As per the notice archives of 2013 on the Canadian Embassy website about South Korea, it is mentioned that all the visas have been cancelled, and it is entirely liable for 180 days to travel without a Visa permit on the only basis of a passport. South Korea visas for Canadian citizens will now be Korean ETA from September 21.

Briefing Regarding K-ETA

• To gain the permit, you have to fill a form online concerning the Korean Government, and it is 100% convenient and can be transferred within 15 days.
• It has a validity of two years and will be liable with your passport when the tourist is willing to go to South Korea.
• You will need a South Korea visa for Canadian citizens if the staycation is for more than 180 days.
• South Korea visas for Canadian citizens can be counted as K-ETA for short-short stays such as business and tourism and meets.

What Respective Documents are needed for South Korea Entry?

The documents that you need to enter South Korea are straightforward, and the process of entering South Korea for Canadian citizens is also very convenient.

• You will only need a valid Canadian passport, and to make the Canadian passport, you will require your identity proof and all the other regular documents with residential warranty etc.
• You will need your standard email id and credit card or debit card number to pay the fee for making a Korea ETA.
• And you will need a recent photograph when you fill up the form for Korean ETA.
• The process will be done within seven days, and you can have everything online conveniently arranged for you.
• South Korea visa for Canadian citizens is made very convenient for European to promote trade, culture and tourism of Asia.

Covid Norms and Rules for Travelling To South Korea

• As we all know, South Korea is very well managed under the pressure of Covid situation the country has been counted in lower-level risk in terms of covid-19 for transmitting disease.

• Hence, Travel and the staycation for 180 days with Korean ETA has been allowed under general covid-19 with a mask and proper sanitization with providing a negative report in every Check Point within 72 hours of landing into Korea.

• If someone wants to travel to Korea and was Covid affected recently, they are not allowed to enter Korean boundaries without having and providing a negative report within 24 hours of landing in Korea.

• Proper social distancing, face mask, and sanitization with cooperation to Korea medical are required while testing negative. Not providing a negative report of covid-19 within 72 or 24 hours will lead to heavy fines and Quarantine for 14 days.

• If you were a victim of yellow fever, then also it is necessary to have your check-up done within 72 hours in Korean checkpoints according to Korean Government norms.

• South Korea has been managing the covid-19 very regularly, and the government is very apt about the transmission of disease from other foreigners. Hence, people visiting Korea should be very much clear about the rules and the norms even the disease transmission has been counted there low.

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