Troops on the border? Is he crazy? Probably

SwP thumbnail graphicBy Pepper Parr

March 27th, 2020



With so much news coming at us from every direction – there are times when we might miss something or mis-interpret something.

From the left, John Norton, Sir Isaac Brock and John Brant at the LaSalle PArk Brant Day event. All three men played a very significant role in the War of 1812. while Brock lost his life t Queenston Height, Brant and Norton went on to play major roles in the growth of the native community.

Troops Canada might send to protect our border from Americans feeling COVID19 in New York

When I heard the piece about the President of the United States thinking of putting American troops along the border we share with the Americans my first thought was – that can’t be right.

Did Donald Trump think thousands of Canadians were going to head for the United States ?

If anyone wants to put troops on the border – it should be Canada.

Given what is in the process of hitting New York city – one can expect thousands to be getting in their cars with as much as they can pack in the trunk and heading for the border hoping we will let them in.

This is a crazy world. Hang tight.

Hold onSmileCouple of gems were sent to us yesterday.  Two residents, walking along Centennial Trail came across these painted stones.  Anyone know who put them there?

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2 comments to Troops on the border? Is he crazy? Probably

  • Alfred


    Suggesting that we can keep the Americans out, or from doing whatever, whenever they want to us. Is rather naive. Have you forgotten that they are the most heavily militarized country in the world that has at one time or another for whatever reason invaded most of the world. His, followers love him. Unless you know something I don’t he will probably be re-elected. Being nice to him is in our best interest not his. You remind me of a lamb trying to tell a pack of wolves what to eat for lunch. If you are counting on God to save us from that idiot. History unfortunately has taught me that God sometimes looks the other way

  • Claudette Mancini

    Of course he’s crazy! Everyone knows this by now! Crazy as a fox! Knows how to keep his name and stupid ideas in the news! Uses his limited mentality to intimidate and insult, and his followers LOVE it! But the difference between him and the fox is that the fox is a creature that plans his moves very thoughtfully, and if he’s unsuccessful, he makes another, better plan. Trump, on the other hand, tries to bully to get his way, and if that fails, he simply comes up with another stupid idea to try out. I like your idea that Canada should supply the troops to keep the Americans out, but we’re too classy to act so aggressively, unless we have to! God save us from that idiot!