Trucking sector is working flat out to get products on to supermarket shelves

News 100 redBy Pepper Parr

March 24th, 2020



Traffic on the major highways is lighter.

Some shelves in the supermarkets are bare.

And some people are buying much more than they need to cover their needs in the near future.

There is just a little panic in some situations.

Foxcroft tight face

Ron Foxcroft, President of Foxcroft Transport said his 150 trucks are on the road 24/7

Ron Foxcroft, President of Fluke Trucking called to let us know that every trucking company is working flat out. “I have our 150 tractors and trailers on the road. We work in New York State and Pennsylvania where the biggest problem is finding a place where the drivers can stop and do the necessary.”

The State of New York has installed some of those Johnny on the Spots at highway rest areas. They disinfect those units every day.

“We are hauling everything you can imagine and from what I can see there are no shortages – the problem is with the increases in demand. People are buying more than they need.

Fluke Transport

The 150 truck fleet is working around the clock.

Foxcroft added that trucking companies that usually compete with each other aren’t doing that. “There is a lot of cooperation and collaboration.

“I have two administrative teams at Fluke who relieve each other. This is a 24/7 for the transports/logistics business these days.”

Milk -limitsAt the retail level there are some, not many, bare shelves. Some supermarkets are limiting the number of people that can be in a store at any one time.

People are now fully aware – but they want any information that is available.

The province has declared that everyone who is not needed at an office is to stay at home.

Schools are closed and will remain closed for longer than originally announced.Get Gaz yellow

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