Trumpeter Swan photo contest - Monday - Family Day at LaSalle Park

Trumpeter swans x3

The pictures are awesome – they are really beautiful creatures and Burlington is home to hundreds of them.

The Trumpeter Swan Coalition in Burlington is committed to protecting the birds and their habitat – something that hasn’t always been easy in Burlington.

The Coalition is holding a gathering of those who want to observe and learn more about the birds on Family day at LaSalle Park.

The Gazette has partnered with the Collation to hold a photo contest.

There will be first, second, and third cash prizes of $100; $50 and $25.
Anyone can enter a photograph.

Two requirements:
The photograph has to be taken at LaSalle Park and it has to be taken on Family Day Monday, February 18, 2019

The event: Trumpeter Swan Day at LaSalle Park
11:00 am to 2:00 pm.

No pets please.

You submit your photograph in a digital format to:

monogamy-swansPlease provide:
Your full name
Email address
Telephone number

Every photo sent in will be acknowledged.
Winners will be announced by the Trumpeter Swan Coalition in about a week after Family Day.

Updates will be published in the Gazette and on the Trumpeter Swan Facebook page.

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1 comment to Trumpeter Swan photo contest – Monday – Family Day at LaSalle Park

  • Gloria Reid

    Thank you and the Trumpeter Swan Coalition for stepping up to share the wonderful story of these amazing birds. Burlington should be “trumpeting” their successful return from extirpation every opportunity it gets.