Twas the night before ...

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December 25th, 2017



Night before Christmas There is a Christmas story and there is a Christmas story.

Both are beautiful. One shaped the world we live in today. The other tickles the imaginations and dreams of little girls and boys who trust totally what they are told by their parents.

Today, the children will be up early wanting to get to the Christmas tree and open the gifts. Police officers will be driving to some homes and delivering gifts to households that do not enjoy the benefits of a rich economy.

Count your blessings.

And enjoy the delight, joy and surprise in the eyes and smiles of those who just know that Santa visited their house.

Try too – to remind them what Christmas is really about.

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2 comments to Twas the night before …

  • Tom Muir

    Thanks very much for this.

    I have not read this in full for an almost lifetime, although long ago it was committed to memory.

    There is such joy in the the memory stream evoked by this reading.

    I’m tingling.

    Oh joyful Christmas.

  • Kurt Koster

    A very Merry Christmas and a Happy and Healthy 2019. Also THANK YOU, THANK YOU Pepper for your untiring devotion to keeping us Burlingtonions in the know about all the goings on in our commuinity. A thank you also to all the other contributors to the Gazette.