Two well known entertainment headliners and what could well be the sleeper event at the Lowville Festival in June.

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May 14th, 2018



In less than a month; the fourth Lowville Festival will welcome Sarah Harmer home for what will surely be a sold out concert that will take place at St. Georges Anglican Church on the north side of Dundas that  is normally seen as Lowville.

Two well-known headliners will draw well – the final event: Truth and Illusion is the sleeper. June Cupido, who describes herself as a coach, dramaturge and director who takes each member of a cast through an intense creative process to come up with a heartfelt monologue.

The performances are not the equivalent of that great American musical Oklahoma. Cupido describes then as “deep, dark and delicious” and adds that “I have always been intrigued by the idea of personal stories and storytelling as a means of developing a script. I want to take an audience on a thought-provoking journey and explore the stories we tell each other and how they connect us.”

June Cupido: coach, dramaturge and director

June Cupido:

She titles her monologue-based production Truth and Illusion because it examines how our lives can be guided by two separate forces – what lies in our heart and soul (the truth) and what we project to the outside world (the illusion). “It is this process of delving into our own psyche to reveal the truth behind the illusion that will result in a monologue for each performer” – deep, dark and delicious indeed.

Each Truth and Illusion production is not the same. Cupido first presented in Oakville where the theme was Separation, which she wrote and performed as her own monologue; the second was on the theme of Creative Fires; Cupido was the creative director and performer; and the third, Dream Narratives, dealt with dreams, dreaming and dream narratives, where she was the dramatist and creative director.

Lowville sign - orange aThe Lowville Festival production of Truth and Illusion will bring together six performers whose stories will uncover a personal journey. All actors will be on stage at the same time, with each taking their turn in the spotlight as they address the audience. Each monologue reveals personal transformation as the actors explore a part of their life that isn’t necessarily what it appears to be.

The members of the creative team come from diverse backgrounds, yet each offers a story that speaks to society as a whole. Bringing together their tales communicates larger stories to a broad audience. The monologues will transcend cultural boundaries.

This is drama at its best and deepest – think in terms of Pirandello’s Six Characters in Search of an Author.

Cupido has taken the Lowville Festival production a step further; collaborating with Michael Mulroony, who has developed a set of musical motives and backgrounds based on the ideas, emotions and themes to support the monologues. “Think of what Michael is doing as a Greek Chorus that supports what is taking place on the stage:, said Cupido.

The audience will be engaged in a Q&A panel discussion with the cast and creative team after the performance about the process. If theatre is your passion – this is something you will want to see and be part of.

The Lowville Festival team are to be congratulated for bringing a performance like this to their event.

Sarah_Harmer mature

Sarah Harmer

Event dates are:
Sarah Harmer in Concert, Friday June 8th, 7:30 pm – St. George’s Hall – 7051 Guelph Line (north of Derry Road) Tickets $50 advance/ $60 from June 1st

Ben Heppner 1

Ben Heppner

Ben Heppner in Concert: with the Lowville Festival Choir, Saturday June 9th, 7:30 pm. St. George’s Hall

Truth and Illusion: Two Forces present in every moment: Sunday June 10th, 7:00 pm – Lowville United Church

Tickets will go on sale on the Festival Website:  

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