Ty Howie to lead the fall reveal for the Performing Arts Centre - May 11 - not to be missed.

eventspink 100x100By Pepper Parr

April 27, 2017



It is now an annual event.

The evening that the folks at the Performing Arts Centre do their annual “reveal” of what the fall program is going to look like.

The past two years have had the Chief Cheese of the Centre on the stage with a personality doing a pretty dismal chit chat about the program.

Badly staged, badly scripted with some decent visual of the artists that will be taking to the stage.
Connie Smith interviewed Brian McCurdy two years ago; now Brian is a nice man who understands artistic talent and knows anyone that matters in the performing arts community. But an onstage personality he ain’t.
Connie did her best to coax words out of him – it was close to painful to watch.

The following year Executive Director Suzanne Haines was on stage with Costin Manu touting the fall line up.

Those two should have been given the hook after the first act – but they continued and the audience at least got to hear what the fall lineup was.

As things turned out – Haines did get the hook about a year later – there are things one should not do in their office – in the privacy of one’s home is the preferred location.

PAC SeasonLaunchInvitation - reveal

Not to be missed.

This year – expect it to be very different and much more entertaining. Ty Howie could have been a comedian – he is responsible for bookings at the Performing Arts centre – and is one of the more entertaining speakers in the city.

During the farewell for Brian McCurdy when he left the PAC the first time Ty Howie was the Master of ceremonies. He was excellent

Expect a really good performance from him on May 17th wen the program for the fall is announced.

The Board that oversees the operation of the Performing Arts Centre has been searching for a new Executive Director – an announcement should be coming soon – they have been at it for a while.

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