Up up and away to the sound of barking dogs

News 100 yellowBy Pepper Parr

November 6th, 2020



The sun had yet to set but the dogs were barking loudly and whimpering from time to time.

Jan glanced out the window and called out to me to come quickly.

We stepped onto the back deck and watched the dogs jumping up and down and running back and forth.

There in the sky above and in front of them was this magnificent orange hot air balloon sailing by without making a sound.

balloon wide

The dogs were going crazy – they had never seen anything like this before.

I thought it was going to land and dashed inside to grab a bottle of wine and welcome them.

balloon tight

It floated away – the wine was not enticement enough for them to land in our field.

Then there was that sound when air is heated and the balloon began to rise.

Perhaps the wine we were offering wasn’t to their taste.

It sailed away.

What a great way to end a wonderful late summer day.

The dogs stopped barking – they sat there with their ears pricked up wondering what had happened.

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