Urban farm to appear on Brant Stret

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March 4th, 2021



urban farm 2 Kearns

Farmer Kearns

Farmer Kearns – oops that was meant to read Lisa Kearns, ward 2 Councillor, was out on a pasture making an announcement.

There is going to be an “urban farm” on Brant Street at Ghent in the North West corner.


A Molinaro development that is years away. The empty field will be turned into an urban farm.

Kearns advises that the property is the subject of a development application submitted by the Molinaro Group.

Kearns explains that the development is years away and in the meantime a group asked for and has been given permission to set up an urban farm.

That got through city hall in record speed.

Not much more in the way of details – other than to say there are bales of how now set up on the property.

urnam farm 1

Phase 1 of an Urban Farm – on Brant Street.

Grow for Change a group that advocates for the farming community. They can be reached by email at grow4changes@gmail.com

They are reported to be looking for volunteers once everything is set up.

So if you own a pitchfork and farming trousers – stand by – someone is going to want you.

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3 comments to Urban farm to appear on Brant Stret

  • Judy G

    Why are those buildings allowed to be so tall in our down town.?

  • Carol Gottlob

    I don’t get it. Where there used to be farms, there is now development, and where there’s development, there is now going to be a “mock” farm? Is this a distraction from all the farmland being developed north of Dundas Hwy 5? What’s next?

  • Chris Ariens

    As I read this, Talking Heads’ “Nothing but Flowers” comes to mind. “This used to be real estate, now it’s only fields and trees.”

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