Very credible citizen points to some sloppy prevention practices at Jo Brant.

SwP thumbnail graphicBy Pepper Parr

November 24th, 2020



We received a comment recently from a reader that is very disturbing.

We have chosen not to identify the woman but can verify that she is very credible.

Here is what she had to say:

“I had an appointment last week at a nearby medical center. When I arrived, I was told to call the number posted on the door and wait in my car until someone came to find me.

“Once I was escorted inside, my mask was checked, my temperature was taken and I was led to the doctor’s office.  In contrast today, I went to Joseph Brant for a scheduled procedure.

“Entering through the north doors, I found people wandering in and out randomly. The question check was quick, no instructions were given as far as hand sanitizer and I was left to wander the hallways to find the location of the unit I was to visit.

“In my opinion, the hospital must do a better job of screening those who are required to visit this facility in these difficult times.”

The Joseph Brant Hospital has a regrettable history of sloppy prevention practices.  We thought the lesson had been learned.  Time for the hospital Board members to ask some hard and direct questions, and for the Medical Officer of health to visit and underline what this pandemic requires of the medical community.

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5 comments to Very credible citizen points to some sloppy prevention practices at Jo Brant.

  • Penny Hersh

    Mr. Gardner, my experience was at the North Entrance. The person in front of me was an elderly man who was wearing a mask that did not fit him properly. It was slipping down not covering his nose. The person screening him suggested that she give him a new mask as his was slipping down. He said NO and was then allowed to go into the hospital with a mask that was not protecting him or anyone else.

    I could not believe that she let him go through. The instructions should have been that if anyone refused to change a mask that was not appropriate that they could not go into the hospital.

    There was no temperature checks done and no one questioned where I was going once I entered the hospital.

    My husband had an appointment the same day but at a different time. I was able to sit and wait in the bistro and then have a meal with him. No one questioned what we were doing there.

  • I had the exact opposite experience during this pandemic when I went in for hip replacement surgery. I was well screened at the south entrance and told how to go to where I needed to be for my operation. While there all stafff wore double masks and whenever I lect my private room folks made sure I had a mask on. I was also there at a separate time for a cortisone shot in my knee and again thius time from the north entrance I entered was asked questions and advised exactly where to go for the procedure. I was sent to an exam room (no waiting room) and I was done so quick I did not have to pay for parking. These two experiences were within the first 6 months of pandemic not in the last while so maybe things have slipped, but I felt way safer at brant than i do at Costco.

  • bonnie purkis

    In contrast to the experiences mentioned above regarding protocols at Joseph Brant Hospital, I must comment, that during the past six months, I have had several appointments at St. Joseph’s Healthcare King Campus in Hamilton. I cannot say enough, about the efforts being made in that facility to protect those who are required to visit during these difficult times.

  • Penny Hersh

    I experienced the same thing. Joseph Brant Hospital is not practicing due diligence. The protocols in place are lax and unprofessional. No wonder people who have gone to Joseph Brant Hospital and have to return are loathe to go for more tests etc.

    Now the hospital is allowing more caregivers to go into the hospital to help family members. I can only assume this is happening because the hospital is short staffed. On Facebook and Instagram they are looking to hire RNs, RNAs .

    Unless entry screening protocols are improved this could be a recipe for disaster.

    Once again residents are experiencing the problems with our health system.