Very little development money dumped into ward 3 - some lackluster candidates who chose not to file financial returns.

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August 14th, 2019



Continuing with our series on the amount of money that was raised and spent during the October municipal election.

We covered ward 4 last time, today we take a closer look at ward 3 where Rory Nisan came out the winner against four other candidates.

John Taylor was the 25 year plus incumbent who chose to retire which opened up the field for anyone who thought they could win.

Candidates were given an amount they could spend; that amount was determined by the number of eligible voters in the ward.

In the data set out below the TCI is the total dollar amount brought in by each campaign. The TAE is the TCI minus  any applicable expenses. It is the total applicable expenditures or the total expenditures that apply to the Total Spending Limit and must be less that the Total Spending Limit. We then took the TAE and calculated it as a % of the TSL (also called “The General Spending Limit). So if someone had a TAE of $7 and the TSL/GSL was $10, then they spent 70% of the allowable campaign limit.

Total expenditure headings

ward 3 spends


Gareth Williams

Gareth Williams

Lisa Cooper 2

Lisa Cooper, a third time out candidate, she wasn’t able to break through and win.

Rory Nisan

Rory Nisan took the seat and within a month there were concerns about how he was handling some issues and had to face an Election Compliance audit.




In the list of donours to each campaign funds that came from known developers are show in yellow.
The Nisan donours were:

Nisan source

The Williams donours were:

Williams source

Cooper self-financed her campaign, raised $168.00 and spent $3,419.86

Kinsey Schurm self financed his campaign and spent $2,910.55

Peter Rusin and Darcy Hutzel failed to file election campaign financial returns.

The issue in the ward today is the plans the Nelson Quarry announced to turn the quarry into a park once it is totally mined out.  The ward is a middle class/working class community that just wants to have the road plowed and the recreational services as up to date as in every other ward.

Ward 3 png

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1 comment to Very little development money dumped into ward 3 – some lackluster candidates who chose not to file financial returns.

  • Joe Gaetan

    Seems to me the real story if anyone cares, is this, a candidate can run a nasty campaign, spread venom about another candidate, break all of the weak kneed third party advertising rules, fail to file a return, and in the end, no recourse, except, the individual may not be able to run in the next election. The real story is about how one person can thumb their nose at the core of our democratic institution and get away with it. Some may not like the fact that interested parties are backing a certain candidate, but at least they are doing it out in the open. This is a waste of gray matter if we don’t get to real core of the problem.