Watch the seven floors of the Joseph Brant Hospital patient care tower rise right before your eyes.

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July 30th, 2015


A new chapter in Burlington’s history is unfolding right before our eyes – quite literally…

The team doing the construction of the seven-storey patient care tower have installed a web camera that broadcasts live – you can see what is being done minute by minute

Hospital earth cam

Enjoy a live look at the steady progress being made to the main construction site where our new hospital will stand in 2018. You can zoom into the site by hovering over the bottom left corner of the screen and clicking + or – and you can click the arrows to move left and right or up and down. You can also get an even bigger view of the site by clicking “Full Screen.”

Take a look at the construction site through the lens of the Construction Cam, CLICK HERE you can see Level 1 of our seven-storey patient care tower beginning to take shape, all in real time!

The construction changes each day. To date 180 caissons have been drilled into the ground.

80% of the foundation pile caps (footings) have been completed. The pile caps will hold the columns that will support the new patient tower.
Two crane towers are on site.
The underground mechanical and electrical work is underway and the installation of Cupolex (a mitigation system) has begun.
Construction of the structural floor slab began on July 17. Columns have been installed and the decking for level one has begun.

Current Update – July 29 to August 12, 2015

Continuing to form level one.
Excavation will be done by the end of July
Excavation begins for the bridge footings. The bridge will connect the parking garage to the main building.
Underground plumbing and electrical work continues.
Pouring concrete into sections of the ground floor continues.

The construction team want to know what you think of the project.

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