Waterdown real estate firm holds an exceptionally successful winter coat drive - truckload was delivered to the Good Shepherd.

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November 13th, 2019



The big national corporations have deep pockets and layers of resources to mount a public drive to show that they care about the communities the operate in. It’s just good business and in this day and age expected.

What do the mid-sized local firms do that can express their concern for their community? Many firms have found a niche that allows them to involve their staff in giving back to their community in their own way.

Woolcott - pile of clothing

The response was more than overwhelming. Woolcott staff had to scramble a bit to find space for everything that was donated. The five tonne truck that was taking the donated goods was more than half full.

Jayne Woolcott, partner at Woolcott Team, said to be the largest real estate brokerage in the Hamilton – to Burlington market (by dollar volume) said the idea for the clothing drive came out of their “mastermind” team. “We operate in a very collegial manner and are open to almost anything from any staff member.”

“We’ve been doing this for five years now – this drive was our biggest ever, partly because of the new location on Dundas east of the Waterdown core. Our signage is much better and having the truck parked in the driveway helped.

“Prior to that we worked out of a supermarket parking lot.”

Woolcott - Staz helping

Trunks were filled with winter coats and other household goods.

The flow of traffic into the Woolcott parking lot on Dundas east of the Waterdown core was consistent during the several hours they were open – the five tonne truck was half full by the time it was ready to head out to the Good Shepherd operation in Hamilton where the coats and other household goods were to be sorted and readied for distribution.

Woolcott - Marty - coat

Everyone who drove into the parking lot was greeted by a Woolcott staff member. Marty Staz was greeting the gentleman on the right and getting ready to take the coat he was holding thinking it was being donated. The gentleman on the right told Marty that it was his own winter coat and the goods he was donating were in the trunk of his car. It was a nice coat.

Woolcott spent more on social media and emails to their extensive email list.

Each year Woolcott Team gets the names from the Good Shepherd of several families that need help during the festive season.

“We provide the funds for the food and buy the gifts that the families are just not able to provide” explained Jayne Woolcoot.

It’s a project that has grown – the Woolcott people can see no reason why it shouldn’t continue.

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1 comment to Waterdown real estate firm holds an exceptionally successful winter coat drive – truckload was delivered to the Good Shepherd..

  • Thank you to Woolcott Real Estate and all the folks who take on these warm coat projects including the youth of several of our churches and the Salvation Army. It is heart warming to read this story and know we have those who care deeply about the well-being of our neighbors who are in need. The spirit of giving is alive and well.Thank you Pepper for starting off our day with such a good news story.