What Are Snapchat Emojis And What Do They Mean

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February 18th, 2018



One of the most popular social media platforms is Snapchat. It has grow in popularity ever since launching and it is particularly a hit with young adults and teens. If you use Snapchat, then you probably see many emojis, but do you actually know what they are and what each one means? Don’t worry because the rest of this article will go into more depth about what they are and what some of them mean.

What Are Snapchat Emojis
Snapchat emojis tracks the way you and your friends on the platform interact with one another. The emojis that show up on your friends tab can be affected by various factors, such as how often you and your friend send one another snaps, the length of time you’ve been friends and other users you interact with. These are the main factors.

Think of Snapchat emojis as other emojis that are commonly used on social media sites, but they are slightly unique.

What Do They Mean
Here is what the most popular emojis mean:

baby face emojiThe Baby Face– Do you see this emoji? If so, then you’ve just added someone new to your Snapchat’s friends list. If you just joined Snapchat, then this emoji will be shown frequently. Think of the baby face emoji symbolizing that you are brand new to the site or that you have new friends on Snapchat, if that makes sense.

The Birthday Cake Emoji– If the birthday cake emoji pops up near one of your friends as you’re scrolling your list, then you can probably guess what it means. If not, it means it’s their birthday. When a person signs up to Snapchat, they provide their date of birth and on that date is when the emoji will appear near their name. Don’t forget to wish them a happy birthday if you notice this emoji near their name.

Fire– Have you been snapping with a friend for at least three days in a row? If so, then you’ll see the fire emoji on your list. The number next to the flame will represent how many days your streak is. If it’s four days, then the number for will be next to the fire emoji.

Hourglass– This emoji means that your streak is about to end with the person that it is next to. All you have to do is send them a quick snap. After you do this, your streak will continue, but do remember that chatting along won’t keep the streak going. This is why you’ll want to take snap selfies via the selfie camera.

Grimace– The grimace emoji appears when you share a best friend with the friend that the emoji is showing next to. It indicates that the person interacts quite a bit with the friend you interact with regularly. The more you interact with specific users, the more likely you’ll end up seeing the grimace emoji appearing.

smile emojiThe Smile Emoji- This emoji means the users is one of your good friends because of how frequently you interact with them. It also means they send you many snaps and so do you, but it does not indicate they are your number one best friend. The more active you are on Snapchat, the more of a chance you have of spotting this emoji.

The 100– This is one of the best emojis on Snapchat. Make sure you take a screenshot of it if you come across it because it means that you are on a huge streak. To be more specific, it means your streak with a specific person has hit the 100 day mark, which is quite impressive.

Purple Zodiac Sign– When you click on a user’s name to view their profile and you see a purple Zodiac sign near them, it means they have entered their birthday. The Zodiac symbol for that month shows up. If you ever get curious about who has entered their date of birth and what their Zodiac symbol is, then click on people’s profile.

Gold Heart- The gold heart emoji indicates that you and the person are best friends on Snapchat. It means you have sent this person many snaps and they have done the same. In fact, it means you’ve sent them the most and they’ve sent you the most.

sun glasses emojiSunglasses– The sunglasses emoji means you and the person share a close friend. A close friend does not mean they are one of your best friends, but it is a user who sends you snaps on a regular basis. Don’t be surprised to see this emoji pop up regularly as you become a more frequent user of the platform.

Now you know what Snapchat emojis are. You also have an idea of what some of them mean. With that said, if you’re not using emojis on Snapchat, then you should start.

Larisa Wong is a recognized expert on the use and meaning of emojis She works out of  the Murcia region of  Spain which borders on the Mediterranean Sea.

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