What are the benefits of VIP-casinos?

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April 7th, 2021


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Being a VIP – that sounds nice to most – It makes you think of shining cars, red carpets and exclusivity. While there are no cars or red carpets in the online casino, being a VIP does offer a range of exclusive advantages for you as a person who enjoys attending the online black-jack table, playing the slot machines or any other games offered on your favorite online casino. Check Casinoclaw.com to figure out the ins and outs of VIP status in online casinos.

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Often you can be offered VIP status if you are a loyal customer. If you frequently use the same website, they know that you are trustworthy and that you are a good customer.

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Rewards for VIP members can be significant

Some online casinos wish to offer good customersVIP-advantages, because they trust you, and they wish to keep you around.

That means, you can get a lot of great advantages doing what you were already doing before. You can usually build up loyalty with playing and betting more, but also if you refer your friends to your favorite sides. This will increase your VIP status.

Go other places
Most casinos have both tournaments, games and bonuses that are reserved for the VIP players. With a VIP access you will be able to play whole new games. This will expand your possibilities to play and have fun online. Sometimes the casinos also offer VIP players rewards as extra spins, cashbacks or extra tokens – what is not to like?

Build you status
29 casinos are a part of Casino Rewards Loyalty Program. This means that the credibility and status you build in one casino is transferable to the others. They work with six levels of VIP-status. As you gamble, have fun and play you will climb the ranks. In the beginning the advantages are small, but as you get more and more status, you will have a chance to win gift cards and hotel stays.

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Ask around at the casino you patronize about becoming a VIP member.

How do you become a VIP?
It changes from site to site how you become a VIP member. Some casinos will have you sign on specifically and activate a vip-account, in some casinos you are automatically registered in a reward program and some casinos have invite only systems. If you are interested in all the advantages that comes with being a VIP-member, you will have to investigate how to be a VIP at your favorite online casino.

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