What Burlington offers that our New York neighbours do not

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February 20th, 2020



Burlington is a fabulous city to spend time in, as any who lives there will know. Found in the Canadian province of Ontario, it is a vibrant place with much to recommend it. What those who are not familiar with this Canadian city might not know, however, is just how close it is to New York City in North America! Only a few hundred miles sit between these two cities and they both have a proud heritage to speak of. Rather than heading to NYC like everyone else does, for your next trip away why not give Burlington a try instead?

The day before the Sound of Music kick off - possible to longe about the edge of the Lake.

Relaxing at the edge of the lake – Burlington – an easy going life style.

The great thing about this Canadian destination is that it as easy to get to as NYC but has a number of unique features that its American neighbour does not. This means you will get a totally different experience to bring home and something much more interesting than another Empire State Building photo to show friends! But what specific features make Burlington stand out when compared to its neighbours in New York?

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More relaxed way of life

There is no doubt that New York is a frantic place, with around 8 million citizens squeezed into its borders. This can make it an overwhelming place for many to visit, with crowds of people rushing about everywhere and plenty of noise. Burlington is not like this at all and benefits from a much more relaxed feel.

Sound of music - from stage

Sound of Music – one of the largest free concerts in the country.

With around 200,000 residents, it has a more laid-back atmosphere and feels much calmer to spend time in. This is perfect for any holiday as you can fully unwind without the frantic pace of life that a busier place like New York maintains. You will also find the locals friendlier in Burlington – while New Yorkers are usually too busy to say hello, you will find Burlington residents only too happy to chat.

Low crime rates

While New York has seen a drop in crime rates relative to its population in recent years, many fear the figure is starting to climb once more. This could make finding a safer alternative to NYC a good choice. Burlington is known for having historically low crime rates and this has actually seen it voted as one of the best cities to live in, across Canada, in the past. As noted above, this is a friendly city that offers visitors a safe environment. This is certainly true when you compare it against New York and the rising crime rate there.

Stunning outdoor action

Escarpment in the summer - green green

Mt Nemo and access to the Bruce Trail are all parts of Burlington

Although New York City has Central Park, it simply cannot compare with Burlington in terms of outdoor trails, spaces or activities. The wide-open appeal of Burlington and its surrounding landscape gives it a unique edge over its American cousin. The Niagara Escarpment is the main draw here and is classed as a UNESCO World Biosphere Reserve site.

You can only access the wonderful Bruce Trail, which stretches for almost 900 kilometres through awesome scenery, in Burlington. Burlington also has the Mount Nemo Conservation Area, which New York does not – this is a great pace to hike or try out rock climbing. If you add in the world-famous Royal Botanical Gardens in Burlington, it is easy to see what it has to offer to stand out as different.

Burlington has so much to offer

Chow down time - this was finger 'lickin' food.

Chow down time – this was finger ‘lickin’ food at the Rib Fest

When you also consider the many cultural events that are unique to Burlington, such as the Ribfest or Burlington’s Sound of Music festival, then it gets even clearer why more people are travelling there. While NYC does have its own charm, a trip to this Canadian city offers an experience that you simply cannot get in New York.

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6 comments to What Burlington offers that our New York neighbours do not

  • E

    Thomas Blake, give your head a shake! What the hell does on-line casino have to do with any of this. Let’s compare Rome Italy with a small town in Nunivt…..
    Please how dumb is this.

  • Mark Callan

    Burlington as opposed to New York City ? Is this article meant to be taken seriously ? This has to be one of the most ridiculous articles I have had the misfortune of reading .

  • JOE


  • John Smith

    The writer of this article is either on a very large quantity of drugs or just has no idea what the hell they’re writing about. First off Burlington is like an hour and a half away from New York, we are not neighbours. Secondly, what in God’s name are you going on about with the online casino stuff? If people wanna gamble they can just go to a REAL casino in Niagra falls which is actually neighbours with NY. Thirdly No we dont have a relaxed atmosphere, we just have less people. And where you get off saying that Burlington people are friendly and like to chat. Everyone walks around grumpy and if you give people a smile they hit you with a death stare. It’s just your average crappy city with crappy people and really not much to do. My family has lived in Burlington for 3 generations, I literally watch this city descend into another Toronto like city. You cant fool me, our low crime rate is also dramatically increasing every year.

  • Sam

    Lol. Frank that was my thought as well. Comparing a seed of an apple to an apple.

  • Frank

    You’ve got to be kidding.