What does $50 million of red tape look like? Provincial government has saved us a bundle by using less of the stuff.

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June 30th, 2015


What does $50 million worth of red tape look like?

If you’ve ever had to fill informs for any government agency – city hall for that matter – you know what I’m talking about.

In a self-serving media release the province announces that it has streamlined services to help businesses succeed and grow and that this has led to $50 million in savings and 2.4 million saved hours for businesses across the province in the last four years.

Red tape with hand

Business people and citizens drown in red tape while the bureaucrats keep making more of it. They have forms you need to order forms

The idea is to reduce unnecessary regulatory and administrative processes that cost businesses time and money. The report features 28 initiatives across government that are modernizing services and making it easier for businesses to succeed, including:

• Creating a new online system for processing payments for the Ministry of Health and Long-term Care’s Assistive Devices Program — reducing wait times for payments and saving registered vendors $16.7 million and an estimated 500,000 hours over four years.

• A new, convenient online compliance check tool available to businesses with a good track record, as an alternative to full inspections under the Employment Standards Act,- saving these businesses an estimated $725,000 and 36,500 hours over two years.

• Streamlining regulations and processes with the Ministry of Transportation’s simplified testing requirements for senior commercial drivers to renew their licences — saving drivers $1.87 million and an estimated 57,000 hours over a year.

Red tape signage

This could be the logo that could be printed on T-shirts that bureaucrats could wear – that way we would know who they are.

Ontario has set a target of reducing burdens to save business $100 million by the end of 2017. With $50 million of savings so far, our province is halfway to reaching its target. This is part of our government’s broader strategy, aimed at reducing unnecessary burdens to businesses across Ontario. Since 2008, our government has eliminated more than one in six regulatory requirements – or 80,000 regulatory burdens, leading to more efficient, streamlined processes.

And if you believe all this – there is a nice parcel of land in Florida I would love to sell you.

What I want to know is – how many civil servants did the counting of all those hours that were saved?

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1 comment to What does $50 million of red tape look like? Provincial government has saved us a bundle by using less of the stuff.

  • C Jester

    When any government, anywhere tells you it has saved you money without actually giving you a tax break or refund, you know they’ve probably had to contract or hire more people to figure out how to do it. And they’ve only eliminated things they shouldn’t have created in the first place. Plus you probably won’t be able to detect your “savings” in your expenses.

    But then I’m an optimist.