What is the weather going to do for us today?

News 100 yellowBy Staff

July 12, 2017



Weather is always a conversation topic.

Weather determines much of what we do – If it is raining you aren’t going to go shopping and that impacts the retailers.

Heavy snow – allow more time to get to wherever it is you are going.

Brilliant sunshine – head for where there is water if you don’t have to be in an office at a desk.

Weather just is – we make the best of it each day.

Knowing what the weather is going to be like for a day comes from a number of sources. Radio is usually the top source – the two weather TV channels have huge audiences.

Sometimes just looking up and you can tell what the weather is likely to be for the day.

Our roving photographer captured this scene this morning.

Looks like a pretty decent day waiting for us.Skinner on a sunrise July 12-17

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