What were you looking for during the lock-down?

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August 22, 2020



Now that we are out of lock-down, we can look back and wonder what we did with all that time.

Whatever it was – it was probably done on line.

And just what were we looking at or looking for?

A survey of Google searches done by the Economist and presented as a graphic is most revealing.

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1 comment to What were you looking for during the lock-down?

  • Penny Hersh

    Many residents are still on “lock-down”. We will be in some sort of lock-down for a very long time. How many residents feel 100% safe doing everyday things?

    For many life changed dramatically, some for the better. Families started cooking and eating meals together. No running off for extra-curricular activities. Children had free time rather than scheduled activities.

    I also realize that for many this time came with financial worries, isolation, and domestic issues.

    This time has been and continues to be a very difficult time for all.