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April 7, 2015


It isn’t the kind of graphic you can miss.

We wanted it big and bright to draw your attention to the Gazette’s newest reader feature.

WO dark blueWhile the words What’s On! aren’t unique – the concept was to create a place where whatever is going on in this city is posted.

In a recent survey we asked readers what else they wanted to see – more than 87% of the respondents said they wanted more information on what is happening in the city.

Our editorial staff will be putting in some of the information – anyone else can also add an event.

The feature is moderated – which means we see whatever is suggested and moderate it to ensure that it is “appropriate” and that the information is correct.

It will take a bit of time for people to get used to the feature and to follow the steps needed to complete an entry.

The feature will be useful for people who want to plan an event in the future but don’t want to conflict with some other event. All they have to do is scroll forward and see if there is a conflict.

There are some 400 events in the list – not all have been posted yet.

While this is a free service it is not meant for commercial operations too abuse.

In the very near future you will see information that is sponsored – which gives advertisers an opportunity to support an organization that is commercial in nature.

Services like this work if people comment on what is and what isn’t working. Please – comment and don’t be shy. We dish it out – we can take it.

Just don’t sue us – OK!

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