When do I get vaccinated?

opiniongreen 100x100By Jan Mowbray

March 16th, 2021



I have a real problem regarding the dearth of information available with regard to vaccinations.

Living in Halton, specifically Milton, my friends and I are exhorted to visit the Halton Region website for vaccination information, which I have done several times now.  It’s been time wasted so far.  The only information there pertains to the 80+ crowd and while I would never wish to deny the group early dibs at the vaccine – God and everyone else knows how hard this pandemic has been on seniors – where am I in the picture?

covid needle 2But what about the 70 plus group, which is where I am?  Why is there no reference at all on the Region’s website for the rest of us – the +70s, the 60’s etc.?  Even a vague mention that you have our backs would be encouraging, that you know we’re here and waiting, with increasing impatience.

In Toronto, they’ve gone from vaccination information for the 80+ group, front line workers, and many others.  No mention of the 70+ cohort but I’ve seen quite a bit of information for the 60+ to get their shots.

All very good for those living in Toronto but meanwhile, back here in Halton, how about information for vaccinations for those below 80?

I got a Tweet today from one of our regional councilors telling me to visit the Halton website for vaccination information.  Thanks, Mike, been there, done that. I’m no more aware than I was before your Tweet.  Not happy. I just want some, ANY, information.


Jan Mowbray was a member of the Town of Milton council for two terms


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2 comments to When do I get vaccinated?

  • Walter Migliaro

    This is very frustrating, in March 6 I saw a vaccination schedule in the Halton Region web page that showed 3 phases; I checked again today and the chart has been removed. It was called “Halton’s COVID-19 Vaccine Rollout Plan”.
    The Region is showing such a disregard to its citizens, it’s outrageous.

  • Diane Knox

    Well said Jan, Not much is different in Burlington and as I read about the Many easy access sites, mobile clinics set up in all the Regions around us, I really wonder about Halton Region and its’ decision making and Total Reliance on technology for communication! Not all Seniors are “plugged in”. No wonder the Phone lines are frustrating for those who are fortunate to have a computer buddy to tell them what to do. We can do better on many fronts.