Where was the ward 2 councillor - she needs to check out Village Square - tacky looking

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May 26th, 2021



Ah – those ever observant Gazette readers.

One was walking through Village Square, was less than impressed with the upkeep.

Grass needs tending.

The ward Councillor doesn’t appear to be doing her regular walk abouts.

Vill Sq patchy grass

Patchy bit of grass – does it not get watered? With one of the best watering holes across the street – The Poacher might be able to help out. Hmm – they’re closed aren’t they?

Vill Square grass

This grass did get watered – But it didn’t get a trim

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6 comments to Where was the ward 2 councillor – she needs to check out Village Square – tacky looking

  • kevin

    if thats the most important thing in you life than your in trouble

  • Syd

    There are commercial properties on the west side of Brant Street south of Baldwin that are far more unkempt. Property owners should have to keep to minimum standards even with lockdown. Many owners do and I appreciate their efforts.
    It should be a by-law issue, not a councillor one.

  • Fred Crockett

    I don’t want my Councillor running around checking up on incompetent landlords, pot holes, and barking dogs

    We have By-Law Inspectors employed to deal with these matters, and if the property is in violation of documented standards, the inspectors have full authority to deal with the issues Councillors should be dealing with the “big picture” and not micro-managing trivia. Otherwise, we end up with a dysfunctional circus that we see across the bay in Hamilton – the classic example of why Ontario needs term limits for its municipal councils.

    The marketplace is not stupid, and that is why a 1980’s creative and innovative development has essentially become a wasteland, due to the incompetence and greed of an ignorant owner, not because a Councillor doesn’t chastise them for the lack of simple maintenance.

  • Mr Bean

    Councillor is too busy looking to next years election 🙁

  • Albert

    Instead of targeting the Ward Councillor, why not go after the Private Property Owner or Management company to take care of their property

    • David Barker

      Well said !

      Why does the writer feel the need to continually attack Councilor Kearns ?