While no one is certain when the vaccines will arrive - the city is going to make sure they are set up and ready to go operational in days

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February 3rd, 2021



In a report to Council today Chris Glenn, Director of Parks and Recreation advised that the City has been asked to provide up to three facilities for Phase 2 (March/April to July/August) and Phase 3.

Everything of course depends on just when the vaccine is available.

This task will move very very quickly once the Vaccination Task Force knows when the vaccine will be available.

COVID big pic 2 phase

Burlington Fire Chief Karen Roche said there is preliminary work that is being done now to determine where the locations should be and how they should be operated.

The decisions will be made by the Regional Council on the advice of the Public Health Unit.

The Region has identified a list of criteria for the consideration of immunization sites. Among the locations are schools and private properties that meet their criteria as suitable locations..

• Fairness and equity will be central to these decisions

• City user groups and program providers will be displaced which will further reduce the facility inventory; already operating at a deficit due to current lack of use of school gyms

The region has identified the following as their criteria for selecting a vaccination centre location:

• One room at least 800m2 in size, preference is for 1200m2 (e.g. arena ice pad, 3-4 single gyms)
• Ample parking (minimum 100 spots) adjacent
• Space to be dedicated to the clinic. Separate entrance and exit required for people flow
• Facility must be accessible
• Exclusive use of facility is not required – other components of a multi-purpose facility can continue to be used for community activities
• Emergency power (minimally for refrigerators, preferably for entire facility so clinic can proceed without interruption)
• Accessible via Public Transit
• Heating, Cooling and Ventilation
• Hours of operation: 7 days a week, 8-12 hours a day
• 800-1400 people to be vaccinated at each site daily: goal 140 per hour.

Now which facilities? That’s when different ward Councillors began to speak up for their communities.

vacine locations

The Skyway Area is probably out of the question – the Forestry department is using the space – not that easy to find a new place for them.

A major concern is where is the population located – looking through an age lens. These are the people that are at a higher risk and they may need some help getting to vaccination locations.

The map below provides a look at where the population is by age, and how close they are to possible vaccination locations:


vacine data map

This is where the people are by age – are their sites near them.

Chris Glenn, Director of Parks and Recreation is involved on the city side with site selection determination.

He did say that the Public Heath Unit expected to be able to have people make appointments.

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3 comments to While no one is certain when the vaccines will arrive – the city is going to make sure they are set up and ready to go operational in days

  • Penny Hersh


    I don’t think that Joseph Brant has the necessary cold storage unit needed. Initially it was Oakville Trafalgar that was mentioned.

    Think we will have to wait for the Moderna vaccine if you want to get immunized locally. This is not going to happen locally for a long time, so I suggest you keep wearing a mask both inside and outside, practice social distancing and hand washing.

  • Penny Hersh

    This is all and good but once again it is putting the cart before the horse. Anyone who listens to the news or reads the newspaper is well aware that Canada is not performing well when it comes to receiving the vaccine, and we will be lucky if everyone who wants to be vaccinated, will have received it by the end of 2021.

    Now that Canada has applied to take the vaccine away from those countries who cannot afford to buy it I wonder just what is going on with regard to just how much vaccines we have. The fact that Karina Gould on CTV news last night indicated that this was acceptable I have to ask is it really?

    More importantly I would think residents would like to know HOW they will be informed as to when they receive the vaccination. Do residents have to register? Will physicians provide a list of names for those more vulnerable in their practices?

    So many questions but no real answers.

  • Leonard Collins

    Does anyone know if we currently have the super cold storage required for the vaccine available anywhere in Burlington ? I dont believe Joe Brant has that capability