Winter snow illuminated with bright Festive Season lights.

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November 23rd, 2020



That almost balmy weather we all enjoyed has been replaced by the winter that is part of our DNA.

At the same time parts of the city are lit up to help celebrate a Festive Season that will soon be upon us.


Locomotive at Freeman station – waiting for a caboose to be attached. Photo by Allan Harrington

Freeman Station has a Lit Loco on display at their site on Fairview. This creation has about 4,000 lamps with chasers to give it a sense of movement.

Grand Trunk is spelled out in letters for the Grand Trunk Railway who built the Burlington Junction Station in 1906.
Friends of Freeman Station is run by volunteers and relies on donations.

If the group can capture a total of $500 in donations on line by November 27 2020, a lit up red caboose will be installed along with the existing Locomotive and Coal Car.

SS sentry

BTTB sentries standing guard at Spencer Smith Park.

Lakeshore Road at Brant now has the Burlington Teen Tour Band back on duty as sentries at Spencer Smith Park. Great for an early evening get out for some fresh air event. This is the 25th Festival of Lights.

Running now through to January 8, 2021 – it’s FREE and visitors can walk among the displays.

The Freeman lights and those at Spencer Smith are all the result of volunteer efforts.

Royal Botanical Gardens opened up their winter wonderland with the Hendrie Garden bursting with lights.

The Royal Botanical Gardens colourful outdoor stroll along the the pathway tells us how plants like mistletoe and ivy are part of the yule season, along with cinnamon and mint giving us festive flavours.

Not just plants, but local winter animals are part of the whole nature package.

Hendrie Grdens

Hendrie Garden at the RBG – a winter wonderland.

RBG indoors

It isn’t all outdoors at the RBG.

A big TV projection screen TV outside shows a short movie with a “Mouse” but it’s NOT Mickey.

Wednesdays to Sundays, Nov 18 to Dec 23.  Additional Dates: Dec 27-30, Jan 2, 3 5 to 10 p.m

Admission fee for non-members, and everyone must wear a mask and maintain social distancing

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