Woodruff: The purpose of a city is to hold people - how Burlington does that is the challenge.

council 100x100By Pepper Parr

August 31st, 2018



James Burchill released the fourth and final Smart Car Coffee Confidential this morning – and it is a lot different than the first three.

This morning we get to see and hear what Aldershot resident Greg Woodruff has to say as he runs a campaign to become the next Mayor of Burlington.

Woodruff and Burchill

Greg Woodruff on the left with James Burchill as they do a Coffee Confidential interview while driving around in a Smart Car

He is up against the incumbent Rick Goldring;  former city Councillor and former Member of Parliament for Burlington, Mike Wallace and ward 2 city Councillor Marianne Meed Ward.

In another article we are going to publish all four interviews that were done in the car that Burchill drives around the city.

Greg Woodruff is different – but he is certainly worth a listen. Worth more than one listen.

CLICK HERE for what Woodruff has to say.

If he is right …. Well listen to what he has to say.


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1 comment to Woodruff: The purpose of a city is to hold people – how Burlington does that is the challenge.

  • Stephen White

    Interesting video. Greg clearly has a well-thought out campaign platform, and as James notes, is very passionate in what he believes.

    There is one statement Greg makes that is particularly salient: “Burlington is executing a plan that depends on you changing your life”. How true. If our current mayor were as pragmatic as he is doctrinaire then we might actually be having a real dialogue and consultation process around development that entailed a meaningful exchange of ideas and perspectives instead of the promotion of a utopian vision that doesn’t coincide with residents’ wishes let alone reality.