Word is that Councillor Craven will retire from municipal politics; Gazette reader points to an email.

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May 10th, 2018]



We have probably seen all we are going to see in the way of significant nominations to both the Board of Education and City Council.

At the Council level, except for ward 1 Councillor Rick Craven, all have filed nomination papers.

At the school board level there are nominations for each of the four seats, except for the ward 1& 2 School Board trustee seat.

Many expected the incumbent, Leah Reynolds to run for the ward 2 City Council seat but she hasn’t made a move yet. Reynolds is believed to be Marianne Meed Ward’s choice but the quality of the candidates already nominated in ward 2 might be a little more than Reynolds could overcome. Smart move on her part.

Amy Collard could be acclaimed again. A plus for the people of ward 5.

He loves his Ward, he knows his constituents and their needs. Is there life beyond city hall for Rick Craven?

He loves his Ward, he knows his constituents and their needs. Is there life beyond city hall for Rick Craven?

There are rumblings and rumours that ward 1 Councillor Rick Craven may cash in his chips and join his wife in retirement.

Judy BIA

Judy Worsely: Is she being set up as the candidate for the ward 1 city council seat?

Many have noticed that he is giving Judy Worsely, a faithful ally, and the Executive Director of the Aldershot Business Improvement Area opportunities to speak. Ms Worsley was delegating at city hall earlier today on the LaSalle Park Marina matter.

Worsley was a third place finisher for the Ward 1& 2 HDSB trustee sea.

One Gazette reader asked: “If he is not running, why is he not saying so? I speculate he’s delaying so as to keep other challengers from organizing, clearing the path for Judy.”

Craven with gavel and papers

While he could be chippy at times he was without doubt the best Committee chair this council had and knew the Procedural bylaw better than anyone else.

Another sent us a note moments ago saying: “Rick Craven has told his friends by email that he is retiring.” And added YAHOO!

That will certainly shake things up in ward 1 where there hasn’t been a really credible candidate come forward.

There are several who have been encouraged to run for the Council seat but no one has made that trip to the Clerk’s office.

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7 comments to Word is that Councillor Craven will retire from municipal politics; Gazette reader points to an email.

  • Tom Muir


    I wrote Rick asking the question; He replied with this confirmation.

    Dear Friends,

    I am writing to advise you that I have decided to retire at the end of this term. I will not seek re-election. It has been an honour to represent the residents of Ward One at Burlington and Halton Councils for the past 18 years. I have really enjoyed my work and hope that I have contributed to the growth and wellbeing of our community.
    I look forward to this new stage in my life but will remain at your service until the new Ward One Councillor takes office in the fall.

    Rick Craven

  • Ley

    Im glad if he retires…he hasn’t done nothing for our community but try to take our homes

    • Cathy

      Ley, many of my friends who downsized to retire and sold their home got 1 million or more. That is hardly “taking”. Their homes were not worth half that 5 years ago. Some of that due to our housing market but also Aldershot is no longer the cheaper area of Burlington with a shabby Main Street. Gone are the rusty car lots and sex trade hotels. Craven got the ball rolling, like him or not. And developer interest and money was needed to achieve this. Now we can argue on specifics as to how high and what design. But Craven got us to the table. Think back to where large parts of Plains Rd were heading. We can have short memories. BTW most of my friends remained in the area with a rental or condo. Hard as it is to admit it , as we get a certain age, alternative housing modes will be key.

      • Bob Wilson

        That’s no surprise considering who financed his campaign’s over the years.

        Craven shouldn’t take credit for Burlington’s high ranking as a livable and desirable City.
        That’s a collective effort that happens with or without him.

        As for house prices, look at any listing in West Ward 2 or south Ward 1 areas that have nothing to do with anything that Craven has done and you will see inflated sale prices there as well.

        Instead look at the damage that Craven and his Council cronies have caused. Remember the image of a tired and worn-out Craven slumped in his Council seat barely listening to delegates and never asking any of them any one question out of courtesy.

        I took a drive through South Ward 1 today. I counted 25 lawn signs for the PC candidate. I counted 5 for the incumbent Liberal. I would think that if there’s any indication to Craven that times up Winds of Change are coming and they’re going to blow him out of his seat it’s something like that.

  • Glenda

    Was speaking of Judy Worsel

  • Glenda

    Now I can connect her speak with the feeling she was a Craven under study. Sure hope some other people throw their hat into the race.

  • Tom Muir

    I want to hear it from him.

    I was told that, at his latest North Aldershot meeting, he said he wasn’t getting into campaign mode until after the provincial election. I went to the meeting but had left by then, so I didn’t hear it personally.

    I did hear him say that the election mode would mean this was his last meeting until November or December.

    He may be thinking about it, but,… .

    He may think that he is at the top of his game in getting the new OP and development in Aldershot on the go. But he has peed a lot of people and groups off – more than I ever remember in his tenure.

    Getting out when the audience was still clapping, more or less, is a mythical departure.

    It’s a lot of work he does, I must say, sometimes with thankless and repetitive resident memory loss of where things are and came from, even if I disagree with his policy and style.

    But at this stage, does he need the upcoming fallout that is sure to come in the election, development applications in the pipe that are getting a lot of blow-back from residents, and with the OP adoption that needs to be implemented? I think not.

    Like I said, I want to hear from him.