A public promise will go a long way to creating the confidence the hospitality sector needs to get back on its feet.

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September 29th, 2020



Several months ago the Gazette published a piece on a program called the “Post Promise”, which is a self-declaration that a business is working to help prevent the spread of COVID-19.

Post promiseOnce completed, a business is provided with the necessary communication and implementation tools to educate employees on the five key steps to workplace safety, which were created to be consistent with what has been recommended by the Public Health Agency of Canada.

Make the promise today: Click HERE.

Businesses who make the promise will be able to use and prominently display the POST Promise logo which is a nationally recognized symbol of a business’ commitment to doing their part to protect their customers’ and employees’ health and safety as COVID-19 restrictions ease. Participating business can also purchase a kit which will include additional communication tools like window decals, posters and tent cards which can be used to further build awareness of their commitment within their place of business.

Businesses that want to apply for some of the grant money that is being made available ($2500 per grant) will not be eligible unless that have made the POST promise.

I have yet to see one of these decals on the window or door of any restaurant or commercial establishment.

The program is free – and for me and the circle I travel knowing that a location is safe and is prepared to go that extra distance to ensure that I am kept safe while I am in their establishment is something I look for.

cafe crowd - no six feet here

The weather has been great – the traffic on the patios has been good. What happens when the weather chills on us?

The hospitality sector is looking for all the help they can get including financial support from the city and the Region. The want help from the federal government as well.

They are in a very tough sector. When the restaurant business is good it can be great – but it can also be a grind. You take all the problems home with you.

I don’t understand why these decals aren’t on every front door and every print piece a restaurant has. Put it on the menu – tell me that I am going to be taken care of.

The hospitality sector is, unfortunately, close ground zero for the huge spike in infections.

Mayor Marianne Meed Ward said in a prepared statement that “Consumer confidence to participate in the economy is still very low, and hopefully this will help the public feel more comfortable visiting their favourite local shops.

Photo-ops of the Mayor in a restaurant that has the Post Promise decal on their front door would help.

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1 comment to A public promise will go a long way to creating the confidence the hospitality sector needs to get back on its feet.

  • Penny Hersh

    Will “the promise” be monitored? Will the health department go into the establishments to make certain that the businesses are in compliance or is it on “the honour system”?

    Consumer confidence will only return when business establishments follow all the rules, which is definitely not happening in some of the businesses.

    Masks that don’t cover the nose, shield only protection are quite commonplace. The public will have to decide on a one to one basis if they feel comfortable shopping in a store.

    A POST PROMISE, seems more like a marketing tool than anything else.