Burlington ranks #5 on the monogamy scale...Hmm?

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January 10th, 2017



While we appear to rank as the #1 mid-sized city in Canada as one of the best places to live – we rank just 5th as the city that most values monogamy which is defined as being faithful to your husband/wife and not flirting with people of the opposite sex.

This conclusion came out of the latest large-scale Canadian study that analyzed anonymous user data from 20,000 EliteSingles members to discover the cities in Canada where people most value monogamy Burlington took the #5 spot!

monogamy-swansThe top 10 cities where you can find monogamous people, as well as the top 10 cities where you can find monogamous men and monogamous women (and Burlington features on all three lists, coming 5th overall, 7th on the men’s list, and 8th on the women’s).

• Overall, the Canadians most enthusiastic about monogamy are from Aurora, ON
• Whitehorse, YT and Port Moody, BC take second and third place
• Canada’s most monogamous men are from Port Moody, BC
• The nation’s most monogamous women can be found in Stratford, ON

The study, which was conducted by premium dating site EliteSingles, used anonymous user data from 20,000 registered members to determine just how much Canadians prioritize monogamy.

The study looked at the extent to which the randomly selected participants agreed with the statement ‘I believe that monogamy is essential in a relationship.’ These scores were then averaged out by area, revealing the Canadian cities where people are the most likely to be mad for monogamy:

The top 10 cities in which to find Canada’s most monogamous people:

1. Aurora, ON
2. Whitehorse, YT
3. Port Moody, BC
4. Spruce Grove, AB
5. Burlington, ON
6. Airdrie, AB
7. Langley, BC
8. Okotoks, AB
9. Maple Ridge, BC
10. Kelowna, BC

monogamy-just-you-and-me-babeParticipants in the study were asked to rank the extent to which they agreed with the sentiment ‘I believe that monogamy is essential in a relationship’; placing themselves on a scale of 1 (do not agree at all) to 7 (agree completely). As it turns out, Canadians are strongly in favour of monogamy: the average result for women was 6.3, while men average 5.7.

As well as determining the averages overall, the study looked at answers geographically, determining an average result for each location and thus revealing the ten cities in Canada that are home to the most monogamous people overall, as well as the cities that are home to Canada’s most monogamous men and most monogamous women.

The organization that did the survey is a dating site that manually confirms the existence of every client.

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