Recreation facilities opening up; vaccination screening still in place - and masks are still required.

By Staff

February 21st, 2022



The province cut the public some slack in opening up things in the hospitality sector – they certainly needed a boost.

Burlington sent out an update on changes taking place at the recreational facilities as well as vaccination updates

Capacity at gymnasiums that are used by community groups has been increased.

Recreation facility capacity limits will be increased for rental, program and activity spaces, while ensuring requirements for physical distancing are maintained. Existing program providers and facility renters have been notified directly.

Drop-in recreation programs will increase capacity. Participants are still encouraged to register in advance. For schedule and online registration visit For information on how to register or to setup an account, visit

Registered winter courses already in progress may open additional spots if possible, pending staffing, regulations, specific ratios, and maintaining physical distancing for example. Check for new spots.

Spectator seating areas remain at 50 per cent capacity, and change rooms and dressing room capacities remain limited. Occupancy levels are posted.

Proof of Vaccination and Screening

Proof of vaccination with an enhanced vaccine certificate with QR code is currently required for entry into City recreational facilities.

Masking and physical distancing is still required.

Those entering recreation facilities will be required to acknowledge posted screening questions at the point of entry. Pre-screening in advance of arrival is no longer required.

Chris Glenn, Director of Recreation, Community and Culture

Chris Glenn, Director of Recreation, Community and Culture continues to emphasize that the “Health of participants and staff will always be a top priority. We’re looking forward to safely and carefully welcoming more people back into our facilities and programs. Increasing program capacities takes time so please be patient as we work through these changes.”


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Maintaining a Healthy Balance When Playing Casino Games

By Mildred Austria

February 21st, 2022



When it comes to casino games, it’s crucial to maintain a healthy balance, ensuring that you never get too carried away when playing. While casino games can be a lot of fun — and more accessible than ever thanks to online casino gaming — it also opens up the potential to fall into a downward spiral.

It’s supposed to be fun – if it isn’t fun – find something different to do.

Let it be known that casino games at its core are meant to be enjoyed in moderation. Many people like to throw terms around such as gambling addiction when talking about casinos, but it doesn’t mean everyone falls victim. In fact, you can maintain a perfectly healthy balance while still enjoying your favorite casino games. All you have to do is keep a few tips in mind so you can make the most out of your opportunities.

Slot machine revenue subsidizes race track operations.

1. Understanding slot machines
Perhaps one of the most crucial aspects of casino gaming involves slot machines, as it’s one of the most popular games — while also being entirely luck-based. It’s not something you can win out with skill, which means you have to be careful when going for slot machines.

One of the best ways to maintain a balance is to set a quota for slots. You can limit yourself to a certain number of tries, ensuring that you don’t get too carried away. There are also plenty of slot simulators out there that can show you just how likely you are to lose (or win) on any given day. It’s all about trying your luck, and the crucial bit is not to push your luck too hard.

2. Want to win? Focus on a game
The thing about casino games is many of them are based on your skill and ability to read the table. Slots are the only ones that rely entirely on luck, which means it’s up to you to make the difference when trying other games. If you want to boost your chances, it’s better to focus on a single game to help increase your odds of winning. Learning the ins and outs of a game will help you learn about how to win, especially when watching the experts play. You can look into fantastic jackpot games at CasinoDays, giving you every opportunity to learn your favorite casino game.

Is this a hand to fold on?

3. Understanding when to fold
Last but certainly not least, there’ll come a time when you’ll have to cut your losses and try again another day. The slots can teach you all about not pushing your luck, but the same thing applies to most other casino games. Even if you happen to be on a winning streak, it’s better to stop while you’re still on top. It can be tempting to go for even bigger winnings (and it’s not an impossibility), but you’re very likely to go home with nothing if you do. Learn when to fold, and you’ll have won half the battle.

Maintaining a healthy balance when playing casino games is all about maintaining discipline. There’s no need to listen to anyone warning you about the dangers of gambling if you know how to discipline yourself.

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It is not exactly wide open - but a step in the right direction. You can get out for a beer on the 31st

By Staff

January 27th, 2022



Provincial government is exiting Modified Step 2 of the Roadmap to Reopen. The city can now adjust its plans and reopen the city on January 31st. The plan is to stay with the reopen plan until February 21st when it will be reviewed again.

Recreation Facilities and Programs
When City of Burlington recreational programs, services and rentals resume, occupancy will remain at 50 per cent of room capacity for rentals, events and programs.

Rental and program participants must come to the facility dressed and ready for their activity and leave the facility promptly following the activity. As a result of the capacity restriction, change room and dressing room space is also limited to 50 per cent and may not be available. Spectator seating areas are also limited to 50 per cent, and occupancies will be posted.

Proof of vaccination with an enhanced vaccine certificate with QR code is required for entry into City recreational facilities. Individuals can save the electronic version of their certificate with a QR code to their phone or print a paper copy. Both paper and digital versions of the enhanced vaccine certificate with QR code will be accepted. Medical exemptions and clinical trial exemptions will require a certificate with a QR code. Physician notes will no longer be accepted.

Download your enhanced vaccine certificate at

In addition to proof of vaccination, requirements for screening, masking and physical distancing remain in place for all recreation facilities.

Parents and/or guardians may enter a facility for a maximum of 15 minutes to drop off and pick-up a participant for a program, without showing proof of vaccination. Parents who are required to stay in the facility for the duration of the program must be fully vaccinated.

Facility Rentals and Program Providers
• Recreation facility renters and program providers will be able to resume scheduled rentals in City and school board locations starting Jan. 31. Organizations and individuals have been contacted directly by staff for rental contract adjustments.

• Booking requests for winter and spring rental times are now being accepted. For more information visit or email requests to
In-Person Registered Recreation Programs

• Winter 2022 courses with program dates within the closure period up to and including Jan. 30 will be cancelled or rescheduled where possible. Registrants are being notified directly for refunds and credits.

• Courses that were intended to start in early January and program dates extend beyond Jan. 30 will resume with the first scheduled date on or after Jan. 31.

• Swimming lessons will resume with the first scheduled date on or after Feb. 5.

• Registrants are being notified directly and credits issued for classes cancelled during the shutdown.

• Recreation courses with dates starting on or after Jan. 31 will run as scheduled. Registrants will be contacted directly by staff if a change is required.

• There are still spots available in upcoming courses with start dates through February and March, including March Break Camps, and March Break swimming lessons. Browse and register online at

Drop-In Programs and Book-A-Court
• Drop-in recreation programs for Jan. 31 onwards are now viewable online at
• Registration opens for residents 25-hours before program start time.
• New for this season, Drop-in programs for Adults will open for registration seven days before the program start time. Adult drop-in programs will resume on Feb. 7.
• Pickleball Book-A-Court times will be available for booking online starting Jan. 31 at

Recreation Passes
• Recreation passes were put on hold during the closure, and pass holders who wish to return can request to reactivate their pass by contacting customer service at or 905-335-7738. Please allow two business days to reactivate.

• Recreation passes will be available for purchase online starting Jan. 31 at
Burlington Rotary Centennial Pond

• Outdoor skating at Burlington Rotary Centennial Pond will require pre-registration for skate times up to and including Jan. 30. Completing COVID-19 screening is required for all skaters and those using indoor washroom.

• Starting Jan. 31, pre-registration and screening will no longer be required. Skating times will be open for casual drop-in daily 10 a.m. to 10 p.m. conditions permitting.

• Residents are encouraged to call the ice conditions hotline, 905-335-7738, ext. 8587 before leaving their house, to make sure that the Pond is open.

Recreation customer service can be reached at or 905-335-7738 from 8:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. Monday to Friday and 10 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. on weekends.

Impacts to other city services

Service Burlington
The Service Burlington counter at City Hall, at 426 Brant St., is open to the public to offer in-person services beginning Feb. 1, 2022, from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., Monday to Friday.

A reminder that Service Burlington is temporarily located on the second floor of City Hall during construction for the City Hall Modernization Project. Please enter City Hall through the Brant Street entrance and proceed to the second floor using the lobby elevator.

Service Burlington accepts payments for:
• Parking permits and tickets
• Property taxes
• Freedom of Information requests
• Garbage tags
• Dog licenses
• Property information requests
• Recreation services

Electronic payment methods are preferred.

Commissioning and marriage licensing services are also available by appointment. Please visit,, or call 905-335-7777 to book your appointment.

Residents can also visit to access a variety of City services online. Service Burlington is available to answer questions by phone at 905-335-7777 and email at

For more information on the City’s COVID-19 response, visit

Mayor Marianne Meed Ward said:
“The gradual reopening is a step in the right direction. While this pandemic continues to throw us curveballs, we must now turn our minds to how we can go about our daily lives while still protecting our health, safety, mental health and hospital capacities.

“Public health protection measures and protocols can also help our local businesses and schools remain open, and the City continue to offer the programs and services you depend on and enjoy. Thank you again to all of you who have been doing, and continue to do, your part.”

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Increase in demand for crypto casinos in Hamilton

By Akhila Komma.

January 27th, 2022



Increase in demand for crypto casinos in Hamilton
The online gambling industry in Canada as a whole is really growing. Especially now that we are in a global pandemic, many people are looking for alternative activities to keep busy. For example, in Ontario, Hamilton, it has been reported to have a high number of local gamblers.

The introduction of crypto casinos has also played a significant role in the rise of online gambling activities in Hamilton.

But there are so many iGaming sites making it hard for users to know exactly where to play. So, it’s always good to go through comparison sites to get an overview of the best online crypto casinos. For example, Fairspin Review covers all the basic information you need to know before joining the website.

Why Hamilton residents are joining online crypto casinos

Simple signup process- the best thing about online crypto casinos is that they have an easy sign-up process. You will only have to provide a few key details, and you are good to go. The registration form mostly asks for name, email address, date of birth, physical address, and payment method.

Better bonus offers- every Hamilton punter wants to enjoy bonus offers. So, to make the experience more exciting, the online Bitcoin casino operators offer a variety of player bonuses. For example, there are new player bonuses, reload bonuses, daily/weekly bonuses, cash back offers, VIP programs, and more.

Accessible via mobile devices- being able to play any online crypto casino game on the go sounds fun. For that reason, most online casinos in Hamilton are fully optimized for mobile phones. So, it’s easy for any punter to access the websites from wherever they are on any portable Android or IOS device.

A plethora of casino games- the best iGaming websites have a huge games lobby. In most cases, you will get to play crypto slots, table games, jackpot slots, provably fair games, and live dealer games. This ensures that all players’ tastes and preferences are taken care of.

Secure gambling environment- online Bitcoin casinos are known to use the latest software encryption for data protection. So, you are assured that all your account details will always be secure at a crypto website. Also, blockchain technology ensures that all your transactions are safe from any third-party intrusions.

Quick payment processing- you can be sure of a quick deposit or withdrawal process when using cryptocurrencies. Unlike other payment methods, it only takes a few minutes for the transactions to be completed. What’s more, there are zero transaction fees making them ideal for people who prefer to save up on every penny earned at an online crypto casino.

Hamilton online gambling laws
Online gambling is legal in Canada. But, different provinces are allowed to come up and enforce their own gambling laws. The Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation, normally known as OLGC, regulates gambling activities in Hamilton. But there are also online gaming sites that operate in Hamilton that gaming commissions outside of Canada regulate. Some include the UK Gambling Commission, Kahnawake Gaming Commission, and the Malta Gaming Authority.

In conclusion, the online crypto casino industry in Hamilton is growing. This is as a result of the casinos offering more than just the usual gambling experience. You get to enjoy anonymity, amazing bonus offers, and a huge selection of casino games. Especially now with Covid, there is limited movement, and people are forced to stay indoors. So, if you are looking to keep busy and at the same time make some money, you should consider joining an online cryptocurrency casino.

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An addiction: everyone has something they are addicted to - know your limits and stick to them

By Susan Henry

January 28th, 2022



Addicts are everywhere. Maybe you’re one of them. Even if you think that you’re clean and nothing triggers you, there must be something that you’re interested in that you can spend the rest of your life doing. Have you ever met someone who’s an online gambling addict? What do you think about those people? Are they ridiculous to be addicted to something like that?

We all jump to conclusions and judge those people in the wrong way. But what if they have their reasons and they are convincing! Addiction is dangerous no matter what people are addicted to, but that doesn’t mean that addicts are totally out of their minds. Here is a list of the reasons that make online gambling very attractive to get addicted to, but before getting into it read about the best online casinos in Canada.

Online gambling means you can play from wherever you are located and there is a cell tower nearby.

Source of money
Right in your home, on your comfortable couch, having fun and gambling online without making any effort. If you are good, you’ll be able to bet your money and take it back in addition to what others have a bet. What a life, having fun and playing with earning money simultaneously. This thing alone is a trigger for addiction, but the list is still long.

They’re games, and they can’t be but fun and entertaining—the entire engagement between you and your mobile phone screen until you achieve winning. The fun is unstoppable, and it increases with every new game, win or lose.

If you don’t have money, you can play. If you don’t have a laptop, you can play. Whenever you want, you can play. It’s accessible and always available for everyone, no matter who and where they’re. When something is that close and accessible, you can’t help but take advantage of it.

Reality escapism
When you have hard times, your mood is down. You don’t have the energy to talk to people; your online casino is opening its hand wide open to give you a big hug and get you out of that reality that’s killing you.

Free time
Online gambling is an entertaining option to spend your free time. But what if someone doesn’t have anything but free time. No job, no study, no life. Has the world’s time and doesn’t know any way else to spend it but by gambling online. Free time is a problem when filled out with the wrong things.

“Play for three days and get this reward, play for a month in raw and get something free” there’s always something like that in all games. Online casinos are no different. In this way, they’ll encourage people not to think about leaving the website, not even for a single day.

A very very wide variety of games that can be played online.

You think that you know all the gambling games in the world, you’re mistaken. There’s a great number of different games online. You’ll constantly be challenged to learn the new game and get to know its rules and how to win in it. Fun never ends

You get into the online casino, you do your best and try every possible option to win, and you win. This thrill that you’ll feel is not something you want to feel once in a lifetime. You’ll continue playing to win over and over again. Or let’s say you did everything, but you had bad luck, and you want to make up for that. You won’t be relieved until you win many times after that loss, which will take forever.

It’s not all a game of chance – you need to be able to think about how the cards have been played.

Online gambling is not only a way to win or lose money as you spend some time online, and it’s a lot more. Studies have shown that online gambling improves memory, math skills, and decision-making skill. When first starting to gamble online, a person is not the same after a while. He’ll be smarter, and no one will ever feel that he has gotten enough intelligence. They think that there’s more by time, so they never stop.

Addict or not an addict. We’re all human beings, and we’re subjected to turn into any version of us, good or bad. We should support those who are struggling with a bad habit because they don’t need a new burden. If you’re not planning to join the addicts’ group, manage your time and know when to stop.

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Canada's Online Casino Market In 2022

By Cirillo Ambrossi

January 25th  2022



If you are on the lookout for amazing gambling sites in Canada, you have plenty of options. The online gambling market is growing rapidly. This means that the number of people who play online casinos is increasing every day.
As far as Canada goes, the situation is not much different. According to Statistics, Canadians spent over $1 billion on online gambling every year. That is about three percent of their total spending budget.

Why Are Canadian Online Casinos So Popular?
In 2022, more and more Canadians are seeking out online casinos because of their benefits. The casinos offer a wide variety of games and bonuses. They are convenient, affordable, and they offer more value for your money.

You can play interactively on some gambling sites

Nothing beats the ability to enjoy your favorite games from the comfort of your home. You can play 24/7 without having to worry about time or location restrictions.

Online casino games are not affected by weather conditions as you don’t need to travel to physical casinos. In addition, you can deposit and withdraw money through electronic banking methods.

There are different types of online gambling Canada. Casinos are classified based on whether they provide real cash or virtual currency (such as points). Therefore, there is something for everyone. If you are a new player, you have the chance to try out new games without putting your money on the line.

What Do You Need to Know When Playing Canadian Online Gambling?
Before signing up with any new site, there are several things that you should know. Having the relevant information will improve your experience.

Know Your Limits
First, you need to know your limits. Before registering with a particular online casino, it’s important to understand the amount you can afford to lose. Base it on your playing experience and the size of your bankroll.
For example, if you’re a novice gambler, you might only want to wager $5-$10 per game. On the other hand, experienced players might prefer betting $50-$100 per spin.

 Know Which Games Are Available
Once you decide on the kind of games you’d like to play, you need to look into the options offered by the online casino. This may mean checking out reviews and ratings for each casino.

Also, pay attention to how often they update their database. One of the biggest benefits of online casinos is that they bring you a wide variety of games. You shouldn’t miss out on this benefit by choosing the wrong online casino.

Some bonuses can be very attractive

Find Out About Bonuses
All reputable online casinos offer bonuses for both new members and loyal players. However, not all bonuses are created equal. Make sure that you find one that gives you a decent amount of free money. Researching about bonuses is important even when you have a huge bankroll.

Emerging Trends in the Canadian Casino Market.
In 2022, the casino market in Canada has been experiencing a shift. The industry is growing fast, and many new names are already cropping up. Here are a few trends to look out for:

The Use of Cryptocurrency
Cryptocurrencies are becoming mainstream. The number of Bitcoin ATMs has increased by over 50% since 2017. This means that people can now buy bitcoins without having to go through an exchange or bank account. Other cryptocurrency exchanges are growing rapidly as well. There are currently over 1,000 cryptocurrency exchanges worldwide.

The reason behind the growing popularity of Bitcoin among online gamblers is its anonymous nature. You can make transactions without having to provide any personal information. Furthermore, there are no limits on how much money you can transfer or withdraw from the casino. Transactions are pretty fast as well.

The Breakthrough of VR
Even though VR is a pretty costly technology, it is fast making its breakthrough in Canadian online casinos. Although there is still a long way to go, many online casinos are already adopting it. VR casino games take your playing experience to the next level.

It is the responsibility of the gambler to play responsibly.. Know your limit and stick to it.

Focus On Responsible Gambling
Online casinos in Canada are working on strategies to promote responsible gambling. The Canadian government announced new measures to protect players from online gambling addiction. These include:

• A ban on advertising or promoting gambling products to minors
• A minimum age requirement of 18 years old for all online gaming sites
• A ban on accepting wagers from Canadians who live outside of Canada
• A ban on accepting wager from Canadians with an income below $50,000 per year

The Canadian government will be monitoring the industry to ensure compliance with the new rules. According to the Canadian Gaming Association (CGA), they will be looking at ways to make sure casino games are not being used by people who have trouble controlling their gambling habits.

They are also considering how to prevent underage gamblers from accessing online gaming sites. The CGA is concerned about the impact of online gambling on vulnerable groups such as youth, seniors, and those living with mental health issues.

Increased Growth of ESports Betting
The popularity of esports games among Canadian audiences is increasing fast. Currently, the audience is in hundreds of millions. There are plenty of competitions and tournaments to bet on, and studies suggest that esports could be getting more popular than traditional sports. It is only a matter of time before they pull audiences as big as in traditional sports like basketball and football. It is no surprise that almost all of Canada’s top bookmakers are including esports in their offers.

esports betting is expected to grow into an $8 billion market

Live Dealer Games
Live dealer games in Canada are already popular. In 2022, however, they could be getting a bigger share. Players are interested in the human experience, and live dealers offer that without compromising the online experience. In 2022, there will be more live dealer games. Casinos that didn’t already offer them may start doing so.

Continued Market Growth
The surest thing about Canada’s online casino market in 2022 is that it will continue to grow. Although the pandemic was a major contributor to its growth, many other factors make online casinos popular. The advancement of mobile gaming, unique bonuses, and better payment methods significant contributor as well.

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Ontario's Auditor General Addresses Criticism on iGaming Report

By Pierre Garner

January 21, 2022



Towards the end of last year, the office of the Auditor General in Ontario released a report highlighting the possible legal issue that might arise from the proposed online gaming model. The model is aimed at the privatization of the iGaming industry, which has been under the wing of the Provincial government.

Ontario Auditor General Bonnie Lysyk

In the 15-page report, “Internet Gaming in Ontario,” Ontario Auditor General Bonnie Lysyk puts to question three major issues; the legality of the model in light of the Criminal Code, the integrity and fairness of a privatized iGaming market in Ontario, and the provincial governance structure of internet gaming.

However, the report has received a lot of criticism, especially from industry folks with vested interests. In response, the office of the Auditor General has noted that it is not against the idea of having a regulated iGaming market. Its only concerned is the technical legalities of the proposed model.

“Ontario remains committed to launching a competitive internet gaming market to help protect its consumers. The province has already designed the online gaming model to achieve this objective in compliance with the Criminal Code,” wrote Natasha Krtajic, the parliamentary advisor and press secretary of the Attorney General.

Background Info on the Status Quo
To understand the allegations made in Lysyk’s report and the reason for criticism, we need to first comprehend the proposed enhancement to the present Ontario online gaming offerings.

PROLINE+ the sole provincially operated legal provider of online gaming services in Ontario.

Currently, Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation, a province-run entity, is the sole legal provider of online gaming services in Ontario. This corporation runs the only legal online bookmaker in the province, PROLINE+.

In light of the Ontario online gaming model, the government has appointed the Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario and its subsidiary, iGaming Ontario to vet and review applications made by private online casinos and sportsbooks operators.

According to the president of the Canadian Gaming Association (CGA), Paul Burns, it’s speculated that the iGaming market in Ontario will be opened up to the private sector by the close of the first quarter of 2022. CGA happens to be the national trade association representing top suppliers and operators in Canada’s eSports, sports betting, lottery, and gaming industries.

With the biggest betting events (Super Bowl and the Winter Olympics) around the corner, the pressure to open up the market for private operators is mounting on Ontario’s government. Fortunately for punters, there are already some online casinos that operate in Ontario as stated by

A Breakdown of the OAG’s Report
According to the report, the government’s plan to privatize the market presents several legal problems. These problems are noted as follows:

Delegation of Decision-Making Powers

The proposed model is designed to pass business risk and decision-making power to private operators. According to the OAG’s report, this delegation of responsibility might fail to satisfy the “conduct and manage” requirements on commercial gambling. The provincial governments are tasked with the responsibility of safeguarding these requirements under the Criminal Code.

“The issue of whether the provincial government has illegally delegated its “conduct and manage” mandate in commercial gaming to a private operator has been a recurring legal subject in Canada,” the report reads.

The Regulatory and Governance Risk
Lysyk mentions that the function of a regulator is different from that of an operator. She also notes that there is an overlap in involvement between the province regulator and the operators in terms of internet gaming in the current situation. That being the case, Lysyk writes that “the model or vehicle itself is what we consider a problem.”

To address the problem, the report recommends that the Ministry of the Attorney General transfers the operating and governance responsibilities of the iGaming Ontario from AGCO, its parent entity. The report further suggests that should iGaming Ontario’s business model meet the “conduct and manage” requirements, its reporting relationship with AGCO should be transferred.
The IGO’s Governance Structure Poses a Potential Problem

The Auditor General expressed concerns that the entity is not well-structured to verify and ascertain the integrity and fairness of games. The report recommended that the IGO inform the Legislature on how it plans to address the issue of integrity and fairness before launching the iGaming market.

In rebuttal, through the Ministry of the Attorney General, the government insisted that the AGCO has well laid out standards for the iGaming market – inclusive of integrity concerns. All online games will have to be third-party tested and certified by an independent lab, and the AGCO has its iGaming Compliance Unit for compliance oversight purposes.

Lysyk’s Response to Criticism on the Report
CGA’s president and CEO, Paul Burn, dismissed the OAG’s report as a mare opinion when recently commenting to The Parleh. When asked about the industry pushback that the report has been receiving, Lysyk challenged the idea that the report’s content is just an opinion.

She holds that what was outlined in the report was nothing but solid facts that have been vetted for accuracy.

“We have no vested interest in the outcomes of this agenda. Our position is unbiased, independent, and objective of the benefits of iGaming in Ontario. The report is factual and free from vested interest,” noted Bonnie Lysyk.

The Auditor general’s office is not oblivious to the benefits of having a regulated privatized iGaming market in Ontario. No. The benefits are difficult to argue against. The report was not suggesting that the model lacks economic legs.

By viewing the report objectively, it becomes clear that what the office of the Auditor General was trying to say is, “We are not completely sure and confident as to how you want to go about this.”

“Our point is that at this point, there are several issues that we need to identify and address. At the end of the day, the iGaming revenue will provide additional revenue for social services such as health. We are not saying that the iGaming market is a bad thing. All we did was question the integrity of the model and how our consumers will be protected once the market launches,” noted the OAG.

On-line gambling has grown significantly – it is now a very big business. Fair and reasonable regulation should be in place.

Bottom Line
Lysyk is completely aware that big money will always remain a big topic. Noting that the report’s biggest critics are individuals who have heavily invested in anticipation for the new market, she requests them to remain objective and conscious of consumer interests.

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How Insecure Payments Are a Deal Breaker for Casino Players

By Brian Playfair

January 7th, 2022



While casino players savour more than one aspect of an online casino, one particularly overlooked part of what they consider important are payment methods. If they’re able to easily use multiple safe methods of payment on an online gaming platform to provide a seamless experience, they’d be one step closer to signing up.


Interac is a unique e transfer casino payment method in that it was specifically designed for Canadian players online. It’s user-friendly, and thanks to its double security system, it’s completely safe. It works directly with most Canadian banks to connect a player’s account with the online casino they want to play at. As it not only has its own security system, but also uses the bank’s security system, it’s almost impossible for a cybercriminal to hack into a player’s bank account.

While Interac is an e-wallet, it’s also a part of the Canadian banking system, with the cards specifically issued for it by the respective financial institution. It also falls under the bank’s policies on fees and taxes. As Interac is supported by many national banks, it’s easier to withdraw casino winnings, as players can withdraw their money from their Interac card at an ATM.


One of the most popular e-wallet payment methods is PayPal. The solution is regarded as the best for online gamers as it supports online transactions from numerous countries. It also supports instant transactions and is totally secure and safe.

A PayPal online casino is user-friendly, as almost all online users are used to the PayPal system, and each transaction made is secured and encrypted. An online casino that accepts PayPal is most likely trustworthy, reliable, and can be safely accessed through mobile devices.

Using PayPal to deposit funds into an online casino account is fast and easy. They simply decide on a payment method from the list of deposit options, choose the sum, and click on ‘Deposit’. They’re then taken to their PayPal account, where they’ll complete the secure transaction.

Another benefit of using PayPal is that it supports several different cards and doesn’t ask the player to share their personal data to complete a transaction. They can send money to their online gaming balance in seconds simply by using their email address.


SkrIll bears some similarities with PayPal, as it’s completely safe and easy to use, and it doesn’t share a player’s data with third parties. It takes seconds to add funds to a player’s Skrill account.

Withdrawing funds using Skrill is faster than most other methods. A player’s winnings can be with them in just 48 hours. It also has a mobile app to allow players to make payments on their mobile device if they enjoy playing casino games on their smartphone or tablet.

Furthermore, some online gaming platforms offer players generous bonuses for using payment methods, with Skrill often being among them.

Wrap Up

Yes, online casino players and sports betting fans want to get on with placing their bets, whether that’s playing their favourite slot or betting on the No. 1 tennis player on the 2022 ATP tour. However, with so many payment methods for players to use, it can sometimes be difficult to know which online gaming platform to choose.

One thing’s for sure: depositing and withdrawing at online gaming platforms is easier than ever, regardless of which one they ultimately decide to play at. However, there are certainly some payment methods that are safer than others, such as the three mentioned here. If online gamers combine one of these safer methods with a welcome bonus, such as a matched deposit, they’re on their way to a great introduction and a lot of fun, all while feeling confident their transactions are safe.


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Something to know if you are an online gambler

By Roland Mercaton

January 4th, 2022



Few Things You Should Know About Online Casinos In Canada

Living in Canada and you’re yet to try playing the various online casino games? Online casinos are completely legal in Canada, however, each casino has its strong points like pros and cons. So before picking out an online casino for your favourite casino games, here are a few things you should know about online casino games in Canada.

Gambling Laws & Regulations

While online casinos are said to be legal in Canada , each province in the country manages and enforces gaming laws and regulations. However, the most important regulation you should note down is that players will only be able to access online casinos that are in their respective provinces.

In Canada you can only use online sites that are in the province you live in

Each province across the country has its local online casinos and uses geofencing to ensure that only users located in the borders will have access to them. This means that an online casino platform in Alberta will not be accessible when you move to Ontario. But still, international gaming sites have been able to penetrate the Canadian market, and they have been able to find their way through the loopholes in the laws.

Product Differences

Most of the various online casinos in Canada offers actions on all major sports like American football, basketball, hockey, golf, soccer and more. However, the difference in these online casinos will be revealed in their library of games like the online slot games, table games, as well as the bonuses, promotions and payment policies.
The library of a specific online casino will hugely depend on the gaming developers that have collaborated with the platform. The Bonuses, promotions, and payment methods will also be unique to each casino. So, it is vital to know what an online casino has to offer before picking it out.

Free Games

Not casino gamers know that online casinos often give their players the option to test casino games without staking any cash. And It is free to sign up and create an account with no initial deposits required.
Doing this will help the gamers, both old and new, understand the basics of certain games before actually wagering their money. If you find the game interesting, you will stake your cash. If you don’t, you can always browse the library for more games.

Reading Terms & Conditions

For every online casino platform, all payout and deposit policies will vary. It is important you familiarize yourself with the casino’s policies.
The policies you should give extra attention are the banking options, requirements, and bonus policies. You should take the time to read the terms and conditions to understand what process you need to take and how fast withdrawals are, and if there are any fees being charged. If you’re still unclear about this, you should contact the casino through the live chat feature to talk to customer support agents.

New Player Bonuses

Check out several sign-up bonuses being offered by various online casinos in your province

It’s become a normal arrangement for an online casino in Canada to offer new players some form of sign-up incentive. Top online casinos across the world use bonuses and promotions as a marketing strategy to lure in new players to their site and also ensure they remain with their platform as they continue to compete in the online casino industry.

Before picking an online casino platform, you should check out several sign-up bonuses being offered by various online casinos in your province. Most of them will offer deposit match bonuses, free bets or slot play to entice you into playing them. Once you register, you will be given more bonus offers from the casino you signed up with.

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Unmasked skaters using Discovery Pond in Spender Smith Park

By Pepper Parr

December 30th, 2021



We are still doing it to ourselves.

The advice from the MoH is to get outside and get a lot of fresh air and stay in wear a mask whenever and wherever you can.

Last evening a reader reported there were between 120-130 people on the Discovery Pond ice rink or surrounding benches in Spencer Smith Park at one time and fewer than 10% were masked. Probably 10% of skaters were less than 5 years old and thus unvaccinated.

No social distancing.

“Show some leadership and require everyone to be masked up. Don’t wait for the overworked Halton Public Health Director to react” said Doug Cunningham.

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The Best Casinos Within Canada to Liven Your Spirit

By Staff

December 31st, 2021


Canada is a known location that many tourists wish to visit and explore. From its beautiful nature on the borders of British Columbia to the bustling city life that is offered there. Casino lovers always rejoice heading their way over there, and it is believed that over 25 million tourists from around the world visit Canada and make a visit to the gambling locations that it has to offer. Meaning, yes, it is a spot to check out, if you love the gambling scene!

The revenue alone from casino gambling within Canada has surpassed $500 million dollars and counting, due to the fact that there are first and foremost many casinos, but that the legislation around online gambling have also become more accessible and simpler than ever. If you’re interested in some real money gaming, Canada would certainly be the location to do it.

So, what are the best casinos in Canada that can liven up your spirits, you ask? Make sure to keep on reading to find out more!

Casino Niagara, Ontario
Casino Niagara is probably one of the best casinos within all of Ontario. Built in 1996, the location is set in the centre of the Niagara Falls, making it a very beautiful and slightly utopian location. The high-rise building of the casino towers over most buildings in the area, and the illumination of the neon lights, makes the casino seem futuristic from afar.

With over 13,00 slot machines inside the casino, in addition to multiple casino tables for classical casino games, you can guarantee that a day within the Casino Niagara, is not one that will end quickly. In fact, it will most likely take hours of game time, for you to even realise that you have completed what there is to offer there. The adventure of the Casino Niagara is desired by many gamblers all over the world, making it a must for any tourist who wishes to immerse themselves within the city of Niagara.

Casino De Montreal, Quebec
This casino is one that is probably seen as the largest casino located within Canada. Located within Quebec, it is situated close to the Notre Dame of Montreal. The daily average visitors are around 18,000 every single day, making this not only the largest, but the busiest within the region too.

There are over one hundred casino table games to play and discover, ranging for various playing levels and betting levels. If you are more of a high roller, you will certainly find your fair share of that within the casino. Additionally, there are many slot machines dotted around the premises and not all in one location, which makes a casino trip here a pretty adventurous one too! Do not forget to pop into the restaurant of the casino, which is classified as 5-stars, and exceptionally delicious for those who are both foodies and gambling enthusiasts!

Casino Rama Resort, Ontario
We have another casino for you here, the Casino Rama. This location is not only a casino but a resort too, for those that wish to stay over and enjoy what the casino has to offer, over a consecutive number of days. For 20 years this gambling location has been in business, and offers 25,000 casino game machines, from blackjack tables, to slot machines, you can be sure to really immerse yourself in what a gambling scenario should look like. If you are unsure on how exactly to plan your agenda here, the staff can help you fill it up, with their multiple suggestions that they provide at the reception desk of the hotel and casino entrance.

In total there are 8 unique restaurants on site that cater to different cuisines, which makes it perfect for guests staying for a number of nights within the hotel. Who wants to stick to one cuisine, 7 days in a row?

St. Eugene Golf and Casino Resort, British Columbia
This casino is what offers the beautiful panoramic views, mountains on the skyline and so much more. If you are not much of a city hopper, you can venture to Eugene, to enjoy both golfing and casino gaming. There are over 240 slot machines on site, in addition to various casino table games you can enjoy for one against opponents, or in your own individual party.

If you want to soak in the perfect views on your stay here, make sure to book the advantageous benefits of what a balcony view apartment can offer you. While on the pricier side, it still is beautiful and can most definitely make you feel right at home.

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What could a Commonwealth Games in Burlington look like? eSports is getting a close look

By Pepper Parr

December 26th, 2021


Part 3 of a 3 part feature on bringing the Commonwealth Games to the area.

Antonio Gomez Palacio was part of a delegation to a city Standing committee where the plans for bringing the 2030 Commonwealth Games were set out for public discussion.

Previously Louis Frapporti and Paul Paletta who is now President of Penta properties, owners of the land much of the Games activity would take place on, delegated.  Links to their  participation are set out below.


Thank you very much, Lou, (Louis Frapporti – Chair of Games Bid committee) and thanks to everybody.

We come into this very much from the perspective and the true belief that there is a tremendous opportunity through everything that we do to meaningfully improve the well being of community.

And as Lou described, this sense of greater purpose is what aligns the initiative that brings us all together, but ultimately is the guiding post that we’re using as we continue to move forward.

In doing this, we’ve also partnered with the Conference Board of Canada and building on a foundation of research that they’ve been doing for many, many years that culminated in 2018 on the publication of the community well-being framework, but has continued to be a huge part of the research, and has developed a series of evidence based indicators around how we can design and plan communities and environments and parks.

In a way that truly and meaningfully improves the well being of communities. The Conference Board through the Commonwealth Games will continue to be involved and refine and nuance with city input and from your own staff and your own community.

The indicators that we will be using so that we can continue to bring evidence into the entire planning and design process. And of course, City of Burlington already has a tremendous amount of really good thinking that we’re keenly aware of and we want to make sure is brought forward in everything that we’re doing. Your newly minted Official Plan and the work that is being done around major transit station areas and many of the initiatives the city are bringing forward and many of the priorities that you’re bringing forward.

So through the Commonwealth Games, we’re currently in the process of starting to identify and elicit interest in all of the different opportunities that may exist for specific sites, then use interventions, programming, all these kinds of things, which is where the very excitingly opportunities exist.

There’s an enormous amount here to unpack and we have no hope of having you fully understand the opportunity on a call of this length. So we’d be delighted to make ourselves available for independent or other discussions with you to explain further what it is that we have in mind. But the one point I would make is as you’re trying to understand what this means, is that we’re talking about a specific development site as part of a Commonwealth Games. In the very early stages of our work it was made very clear to us that bids had failed principally for a couple of reasons.

One, there was really insufficient private sector support. And number two, you had a small group of bid proponents or enthusiasts who created a bid without really consulting with the broader community and simply asked the broader community to accept or support their bid. What we felt in consultation with the Commonwealth Games Foundation (CGF) was that a way to differentiate the bid is not to start with what the bid people want, but to identify with communities that would be impacted by the bid want, and then to make that the bid and the way to do that and activate that necessarily depends on private sector,  land owners, private sector developers and other organizations to step up,

And there are three catalyst projects of which the King Road site would be one. The other is the downtown Hamilton redevelopment project and the third is a large redevelopment project in the city of Brampton.

Highway 403 was mistakenly labelled Highway 401.

So the question then becomes what is it we would wish to have here at present. The CGF has not finalized its sports program and very helpfully, they’ve indicated to us that they have considerable flexibility around the sports that are included.

We had initially thought that Burlington would be the site and home of lawn bowling in the initial bid relating to 2030. We’ve since moved profoundly beyond simply having lawn bowling in the city of Burlington to explore with you a variety of different opportunities that relate to sports and recreation, infrastructure and facilities.

Both discussions have already involved partnerships with post secondary institutions around the site. We’ve discussed and are having consultations with leading advanced manufacturing innovators who might be interested in being a part of this catalyst project. Of course, as Paul alluded to, we’re very focused on integrating innovative, thoughtful level affordable housing initiatives into the site and beyond as part of the accommodation programming for the games. But in creating housing inventory, that would be available as of 2030, and very notably creating really an internationally significant and thoughtful blending of the natural heritage in the region, to the development, recreation and sport. assets that we hope to create

Burlington as an International Centre for Gymnastics Excellence?

Among the opportunities open to us are discussions that I’m currently having with respect to a number of sport organizations, track and field in athletics is searching for new Canadian national home. And as Canada is interested in international home, there were a variety of organizations that would be very interested in gymnastics, for example, in creating a centre of excellence for facilities in the city of Burlington, both projects would absolutely require the support of the private sector in the support of senior levels of government, and should any of those projects be of interest to the city of Burlington, being potentially located in the King Road site or otherwise?

We’d be delighted to advance those conversations on your behalf with you with those sport organizations and senior levels of government as an element of the big but at all events. We’re not prescribing that you do anything in the city of Burlington we’re looking to commence a process that we call the framework in that exploring what might make most sense for the citizens in the community.

One of the most exciting opportunities that we have that we’ve been working on now with with Paul and others for the better part of a year and a half, is in partnership with academic institutions creating a new and innovative ecosystem in the digital economy centered on gaming, and all elements of gaming, graphic design, coding and  programming.

eSports is well entrenched amongst students – many parents have yet ti hear about it – including Burlington’s Mayor

And rather than creating a facility around the gaming, creating an ecosystem that collides all of the capacities, experiential learning, technical skills, training and private sector partners, as part of the development project at King road in the coming months.  Having engaged Deloitte and their national gaming practice consultancy practice, to provide us with modeling around this. We really look forward to carrying on that conversation with you and what might you say. Does eSports have anything to do with the Commonwealth Games?  The Commonwealth Games has announced its desire to integrate eSports and gaming into the Commonwealth Games as an element of those games as all of the major gaming properties are doing.

And we’ve decided to embrace this given what it means from a skills training and economic perspective as a key element of our work here around the 2030 bid.  And we see Burlington potentially as incredibly significant place that combine young people skills training experiential learning and economic investment in digital media or digital gaming as a potential element of this development.

So to conclude, we see the games is focused on sustainable development, wellness and well being as providing all of us with an opportunity to collaborate on attacking some of the biggest challenges of our time and doing it on the world stage, giving the city of Burlington  an opportunity to be seen by over 70 countries a billion and a half people and not just in 2030, but in the years leading up to it as the centre of activity around the delivery of something that’s internationally innovative in its approach to combining private sector development, a variety of new and different stakeholders to the return of the games 100 years after their birth.


Related news stories:

Burlington learns about plans for bringing Commonwealth Games to Hamilton/Burlington.

Paul Paletta now President of Penta Properties

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Casino Bonuses in Canada Are Attracting More and More Online Gamblers

By Karina Rysberg Bay

December 22, 2021




This is what an online casino gambling bonus looks like

The casino bonuses world is, without a doubt, a vast one. You can run into new and lucrative bonuses daily, making the online casino gambling world quite competitive. Online casinos have to constantly come up with new ideas and bonuses to stay in the game.

For example, the casino bonuses in Canada can offer you some great deals that will be pretty compelling and hard to say “no” to. This significant choice of casino bonuses is one of the leading reasons why more and more Canadians are opting for online casinos rather than going to physical ones.

Of course, it’s not all just about the bonuses. Online casino gambling can offer you easy accessibility, excellent comfort as you can play from your couch or on the go, and a chance to play for free. Newbies should always choose free slots at first before they set on to play for real cash.

Now, let’s take a close look at why casino bonuses are so appealing and how to choose the best ones.

How to choose the best casino bonus?

Some casino bonuses are staggering, but experienced players still don’t consider them the best bonuses available. Why is this so? The reason is quite simple; that online casino lacks some other qualities, such as safety measures, SSL protection, or end-to-end encryption for your transactions.

Determine the reputation of your online casino.

There’s another reason for the most lucrative bonuses not being the best ones. Usually, you can take a tremendous welcome bonus but only use it on some games, not your favorite ones. Therefore, some of the best ways to tell good bonuses from bad ones are to determine the reputation of your online casino.

An online casino is reputable if it has an issued license. You can check whether your casino has a license or not on their website. Another way to check whether the casino is reputable is by looking for the safety measures they use.

If there’s ID verification, end-to-end encryption, SSL protection, and two-step verification available, you can rest assured that the online casino is worthy of your time. In line with this, the bonuses will also be trustworthy.

Final thoughts

We hope we have helped you understand why more and more Canadians are opting for online casinos and why casino bonuses are extremely popular among them. Also, we hope that you can now tell a good online casino from a bad one. Have fun in your next gambling experience, and good luck!


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Outdoors is the safest place you can be - and the kids will love it.

By Staff

December 20th, 2021



Snow on the ground – get ready for winter fun.

And watch the people at Parks, Recreation and Culture pivot once again to keep people active and staying healthy at the same time.

There are many opportunities for everyone to be active outside.

The information provided below is accurate as of Dec. 20, 2021. In the event of any changes made by the Province of Ontario to current COVID-19 public health measures, please visit for potential impacts to City services and programs.
Burlington Rotary Centennial Pond

Scheduled to open on Tuesday, Dec. 21.

The Burlington Rotary Centennial Pond at the waterfront in downtown Burlington is scheduled to open Tuesday, Dec. 21. The rink will be open daily from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m., 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. on Christmas Eve and closed on Christmas Day. Registration is not required.

Residents are encouraged to call the ice conditions hotline, 905-335-7738, ext. 8587 before leaving their house, to make sure the Pond is open.

The skate lending program is back this season at the Burlington Rotary Centennial Pond and is available Friday, 5 to 10 p.m., Saturday, 10 a.m. to 10 p.m., Sunday, 10 a.m. to 8 p.m. and during the school breaks, 10 a.m. to 10 p.m.

For more about the Pond’s features and rules, visit

Outdoor artificial rink
The artificial skating rink is open at the old tennis courts in Sherwood Forest Park, 5270 Fairview St. This rink is best suited for parents with young children and anyone learning to skate.

Neighbourhood Rinks
There are 15 Neighbourhood Rink locations available in City parks this year. The rinks will be open to the public and free to use once the weather is cold enough for the ice. City staff will install boards for the natural ice rinks that will be maintained by neighbourhood volunteer groups. Everyone is asked to respect the open/closed signs and stay off the ice when the rink is closed.

For more information on the Neighbourhood Rink program and locations, visit

That was fun!

The city has designated six areas in the city that are safe for tobogganing. They include:

• Brant Hills Park, southwest of the tennis courts, 2300 Duncaster Dr.
• Central Park on the hill northwest of the community garden, 2299 New St.
• LaSalle Park, east of the parking lot, 50 North Shore Blvd.
• Lowville Park on the hill at the southwest end of park, 6207 Lowville Park Rd.
• Nelson Park on the east side of park, north of the Centennial bike path, 4183 New St.
• Tyandaga Park at hole number four on the west slope, 1265 Tyandaga Park Dr.

To view designated tobogganing sites and tips for safe tobogganing, please visit

Tim Hortons Free Swimming and Skating
Thanks to Tim Hortons, Burlington residents can enjoy another year of free swimming and skating this holiday season. View schedule and sign up, visit

Play Equipment Lending Library
If you need some play equipment or want to try something new without having to buy it, try the City’s Play Equipment Lending Library, including new glow-in-the-dark equipment which can be useful as the days get shorter. Pickup at Central Arena, 512 Drury Lane. To borrow, visit

Imagine the golf course covered in snow – what a great place to hike.

Disc Golf and Hiking at Tyandaga Golf Course
Tyandaga Golf Course (1265 Tyandaga Park Dr.) is open for disc golf and hiking during the winter season and open from dawn until dusk.

Players need to bring their own discs.

Discs can also be borrowed through the Play Equipment Lending Library.


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The new Covid 19 rules impact Burlington - starting on Sunday

By Staff

December 18th, 2021



The Province has announced that Ontario, including Halton Region and the City of Burlington, will be applying additional public health and workplace safety measures, including capacity and social gathering limits, beginning Sunday, Dec. 19 at 12:01 a.m.

These measures will help curb transmission and continue to safeguard Ontario’s hospital and ICU capacity as the province continues to rapidly accelerate its booster dose rollout.

Changes to recreation facilities capacities
While City of Burlington recreational programs, services and rentals will continue as planned, recreation facilities capacity will be reduced to 50 per cent for rentals, events and programs.

50% less starting Sunday

Rental and program participants must come to the facility dressed and ready for their activity and leave the facility promptly following the activity. As a result of the capacity restriction, change room and dressing room space is also limited to 50 per cent and may not be available.

All requirements for proof of vaccination, screening, masking and physical distancing remain in place.

Rental organizations who wish to cancel their rental bookings at this time can do so without penalty by emailing

Registered participants of recreation programs affected by reduced capacity limits will be contacted directly by City staff. Individuals who wish to withdraw from a course or program will receive a full refund. They can contact customer service at or 905-335-7738 from 8:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. Monday to Friday and 10 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. on weekends. For more information and holiday hours, please visit


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The year that changed everything and where do we go from here

By Ian Allen

December 10th, 2021



As the decade progresses, we will look back at 2020 as the year that changed everything. The COVID-19 pandemic triggered a massive digital revolution, which saw unprecedented growth in various sectors.

The internet has turned our worlds upside down. Most of us can’t even imagine a single day without our smartphones and a stable wifi connection. It has revolutionized communication to such an extent that it has become the preferred medium of everyday communication.

The point of reference much much of our communication now.

As the internet has evolved, our daily lives have become easier. You can make a restaurant reservation using your phone, order coffee, keep yourself updated with news, gamble, book flights and hotels, attend meetings, get a degree, and so on. The list is never-ending, and the online world is all-encompassing.

Here are 10 ways in which the digital transformation of everyday life has occurred!


10 ways in which the internet changed everyday life

1. Research

From AltaVista in the mid-90s to the present-day search engines like Google, Microsoft Edge, Yahoo, Bing, etc., the internet has revolutionized how we obtain information. As the internet has become the primary source of accessing information, nothing you won’t find there.

The number of queries being processed every day is massive, with Google being the web’s number one search engine.

2. Social Media and Communication

Can you recall the last time you wrote a letter to someone? Probably not. The internet has radically transformed how we routinely communicate with others. Social media networks have made it easy for us to connect with people spread across the world. Especially during the pandemic crisis, the importance of digital communication was realized. Now you can attend a meeting in Canada while being thousands of miles away.

3. E-commerce

The positive response of online marketplaces like Amazon, eBay, Flipkart, and Alibaba has made the physical location of a store almost redundant. You can order anything off the internet. With a clear voice command, you will be presented with thousands of options for the product or service you’re looking for. You can even compare the prices across the different platforms, make an online purchase, and get the best deal.

4. Entertainment

Canada, especially Ontario, has a vibrant sports scene. Canadians love their sports and place bets on their favorite team- whether lacrosse or ice hockey. There is a certain feeling of community and camaraderie during sporting events, and the rivalry between opposite teams is always competitive. So, with Covid forcing social distancing and lockdown norms, people had to be happy with whatever sporting entertainment they could find online.

From placing friendly wagers on your favorite team to trying your hand on popular casino games like blackjack, poker, or slots- it is available with a simple click on the mouse, and now you can bet on sports online in Canada! In Ontario, the sportsbook and betting industry has become one of the fastest-growing segments.

5. Streaming

Remember when you had to visit a DVD store or rent a VHS to see the latest movie? That was the past. The use of DVDs, VHS tapes, and other tangible forms of physical media is rapidly declining as the online world has taken over. Streaming apps like Netflix, Amazon Prime, AppleTV+, Lionsgate, Hulu, and so on, has made content accessible to anyone.

In fact, Netflix has more than 100 million regular subscribers at the moment. So, if you’re planning on watching the latest James Bond movie, all you need is a stable internet connection and a streaming subscription!

Dating is a different game – a lot of places – some that need to be avoided.

6. Relationships

Online dating is one of the most popular aspects of the online world. Finding love has never been so easy. The internet has helped transform how people look for and find love. There are enhanced algorithms that people are increasingly using to match their criteria and find “the one”.

In a fragmented world like ours, this has made dating easier for a lot of people. Besides, you don’t need to feel any pressure to make a move when you’re not ready. And, if you’re not looking for love, you can always find great friends on these apps!

7. Healthcare

While no one should trust medical advice on the internet, it is undeniable that the digital world has transformed the medical experience for both doctors and patients. There are wearable technologies like smartwatches that let you track your vitals. You can order medicines online from your local pharmacy or even book an early appointment with your doctor just by using the smartphone.

Mental health has become more accessible and affordable for people as you can chat with your therapist on the go or drop a text whenever you’re feeling anxious.

8. Travel

Travel planning has never been so easy or cheap. There are multiple websites for travel information, apps offering crazy discounts, Airbnb for affordable stays, Google Maps to help you navigate, and more! You can find out all about a place, from its restaurants to local sights, before you are required to board your flight.

9. Education

Even though some people may argue that the cons outweigh the pros, the internet has rapidly reconstructed the education sector. When lockdowns were declared worldwide, the internet became the only respite for students looking to advance their education. As schools started becoming online, more and more students could invest time in studying from home.

This made education more approachable for most and convenient for those who have day jobs or part-time jobs. Even for adults, it’s never been easier to go back to school and take a few classes.

However, students are indeed missing out on the school experience, proms, and graduation ceremonies.

10. Financial Services

Once upon a time, you had to visit a bank to make money transfers, pay bills, or perform the most basic financial actions. With online banking, you can send and receive money from across the world in seconds. By setting up regular payments online, you will seldom have to go to the bank.

Transactions have become hassle-free and a great advantage for those with busy schedules. These online financial services value the customer experience and are always looking for ways to innovate and personalize.

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City invited to be a participant in the bid to hold the 2030 Commonwealth Games in Burlington

By Pepper Parr

December 10th, 2021



This is a multi part story.  The first part is about what the Hamilton Commonwealth Games Bid Committee is setting out to do and the part they think Burlington can play .

The second part is about what they are planning on putting together in terms of both a site location and how other stakeholders will be involved.

The third part is the discussion that took place with members of Council and the Bid Committee.

All three parts are very enlightening.  Commonwealth Games are not Olympic Games but they aren’t all that much different.  This is a big deal


Get ready to hear a lot about the Commonwealth Games – there are plans in the works to have them take place in Hamilton in 2030 which will mark the 100th anniversary of the games – which first took place in Hamilton in 1930

City Manager Tim Commisso met informally with the group preparing the bid.

At the December 9th Standing Committee  there was a delegation from Hamilton 2030 Commonwealth Games Bid committee which city manager Tim Commisso introduced and set up why they were talking to Council.

Commisso provided a bit of a context and a more in depth look at an opportunity and that is potential participation in the Commonwealth Games bid which would actually be centered in Burlington on the Paletta King Road property that fronts on Highway 401.

Louis Frapporti  is the chair of the committee that Commisso and senior staff have had some informal discussions adding that at this point “we want to bring it forward to council to formalize a direction with respect to looking at this further by the end of March 2022 which is a relatively short turnaround.”

The team that is driving the Hamilton bid for the 2030 Commonwealth Games

Frapporti then took Council  through a detailed presentation during which the small lead group was introduced.  It was at this point that the public learned that Paul Paletta had been made President of Penta Properties and that the Penta holdings on King Road would be the local site of the Games.

Palleta, now the President of Penta Properties spoke at length about their role in the initiative.

The King Road site was once the focus of an initiative to build a stadium for the Hamilton Tiger Cats.  That idea didn’t go very far – Burlington City Council did a quick scan of what it would cost and moved away from the idea real quick.  Link to that story set out below.

Antonio Gomez -Palacio CEO of Dialogue design took part in the presentation. He was engaged by the Commonwealth Games bid effort to act as the lead design curator around concept planning for infrastructure for the games. Antonio was also engaged by Penta in relation to the planning around the King Road. site.

The Hamilton Commonwealth Games Bid Committee (HCGBC) has been working on bringing back the games to Ontario for over three years.  The Commonwealth Games authority in Canada and the CGF in the UK, have selected and approved our community bid in relation to 2030 for international submission.

The process began years ago with 16 Canadian communities showing an interest; that was whittled down to the Hamilton bid that is now a regional bid which includes a number of municipalities.

The stakeholder group that is advancing the bid isn’t just a municipal stakeholder group; It is comprised of a variety of different types of stakeholders, including two First Nations, the Mississauga as of the Credit and Six Nations in Brampton as well as a significant array of educational institutions, Not for Profit groups, charities, private sector leaders and others who feel that this these games with their focus on social impact would be a fitting way of marking the centenary of the return of the games to Ontario  and leaving a lasting legacy for the region.

The Hamilton Bid Committee is heading into the final stages of the creation of an international submission and was before Council to explain its relevance to the city of Burlington.  They are working with a number of regional municipalities including the province of Ontario and the federal government to finalize this process.

“The uniqueness of this bid, said Frapporti  “is an attempt at really redesigning multi sport events to make them more relevant to their communities generally and to avoid some of the challenges and concerns regarding costs, and to accelerate their impact in the region so that the citizens of Burlington and all of the adjoining regions that are part of the games bid catchment area can enjoy the benefit of its impacts immediately.

“That’s going to be done in this case by an unusual and very innovative effort to combine private sector partners into the creation and the funding of the games bid upfront, which is an innovation that we have been working to bring to the games. “

“First of all, we’re not proposing, and this is very unique in the history of games in Canada, that any municipality be obligated to provide any funding for any aspect of games infrastructure. One of the innovative elements in our effort is that private sector partners are invited and incented to work with the partner municipalities around delivery of assets that can be used by the games at private sector expense. What we’d like to do, and this is a commitment we’ve made with every municipality, and as a function of our discussions with the province and federal government is to actually use the games to advance your municipal priorities.

The site has a lot going for it – access to the site by GO services. Interestingly the Bid Committee has yet to have a conversation with Metrolinx.

“We’ve had the opportunity to review your strategic planning priorities and over the course of the next few months, if we’re fortunate enough to work with you in Penta properties around the King Road site, we would look to be very deliberate in our approach to using this opportunity to address a variety of your current strategic priorities. And notably, and this again is the real innovation in efforts around bids, is to bring P3 or private sector partners into these opportunities from a development perspective, so that development opportunities can get activated immediately inspired by the games, but not dependent upon the award of the games.

“One of the things that we would have you understand in the uniqueness of the Commonwealth Games beyond their having been born in Canada in 1930, is that their value and mission statement is the beginning of  building or creating  peaceful, sustainable and prosperous communities.

“When I got into this effort, I began to appreciate that this wasn’t primarily about a sporting event. It was about a vision and a set of values that the Commonwealth Games and Commonwealth nations propound that we want to integrate in every aspect of the work that we’re doing. It’s, traditionally, at a very high level, the economic assessments of the games themselves as an event; please understand that this is about the event specifically, rather than the work leading up to the event, which we hope to commence with the private sector in a variety of municipalities almost immediately: Insofar as the event is concerned, the measurable impacts from the games have historically produced about one and a half billion dollars in regional GDP between 15,000 to 23,000 hours in full time equivalent jobs.

“There are and will be much in excess of 10,000 volunteers trained in a variety of disciplines for the purposes of conducting the games. The games themselves for a variety of reasons become critical magnet for attracting incremental funding. And this is important from not only senior levels of government, but the private sector. To what extent can we use the game’s opportunity with private sector partners to incent them to make commitments and investments.

“There is a timeline and critical path for the games. We’ve been at this for a number of years, the beginning of the completion of the International things is a bid and at the moment we’re working with the province and federal government and other municipalities to finalize a concept plan, which the province and federal government will then use to determine whether they wish to commence what is referred to as multi party agreement negotiations for the finalization of the bid.

“This process will take the next eight to 12 months.

Time line at this point.

“We hope to have that done by the fall of this year immediately after the 2022 Birmingham games. The announcement of the 2030 host city is expected to be made in November of 2023.

“Appreciate that the work  we’re doing, which is very novel, is intended to activate private sector development.

“The big concepts for our bid are not what you might expect –  they don’t primarily relate to sports or sporting events. In our case consistent with the CGS priority and focus on building prosperous, sustainable and healthy communities. We are using the UN 17 Sustainable Development Goals as our design rubric.

“As Antonio will explain, are working with Dialogue and the Conference Board of Canada to integrate specific initiatives centered on sustainability and wellness as the focus of our efforts in designing the bid and we hope to activate these sustainability priorities.

“As part of all of the private sector development projects that will be part of the game’s footprint.

“As a result of two years of work looking to redesign the approach to games we came up with a number of core concepts that are important for you to understand. First of all, we acknowledge the concern by many internationally that games are overly reliant on government funding. And so we worked very hard to create a structure that prioritize private sector funding for infrastructure in relation to the games further, we created a structure which anticipates that there is no demand or expectation of prescribed municipal financial support for infrastructure. It’s not that we’re precluding municipalities from making commitments or adding value to specific initiatives that are primarily funded by the private sector.

“But we’re not mandating them as part of the bids.

“This is part of a process that we see unfolding when disability in discussions with a private sector partner work to create something in relation to a development project that would be used as a site for the games that makes sense. But there is no requirement.  Notably, in all of this work, and in the inclusion of private sector partners around specific development projects, we wanted to get away from the idea of the games as an event in time that is something that happens every four years, but to create a movement that in this case, is centered on healthy, sustainable and prosperous communities.

“And in doing that to create a framework by which all of the stakeholders including municipalities, First Nations, private sector partners, educational institutions, and so on, continue to consult and work together, not just in the completion of the bid, but in all the subsequent years from the delivery of the projects and sites and the creation of the programming related to the effort actually important to understand that this is not a single city that not only is it not a municipal baby, it’s not even a local bed.

The catchment area is wide – if the Games take place they will be a huge draw.

“What we have done is to expand very significantly the catchment area for the games, in consultation with the province of Ontario and federal government to make the games regional. This adds value to the games expands the impact area for the games, it differentiates the games internationally, it reduces and mitigates the risks of the game to sitting on or being primarily related to one community because we are really focused on expanding the the experience of these impacts and their measurement over time.

“Expanding the games to all of these municipalities has been the work that we’ve been engaged in over the course of the last three years, which has accelerated meaningfully recently. The question of the City of Burlington involvement will be entirely a function of your interest in the interest of private sector partners like Penta and your willingness in the next few months to come up with an approach as to what opportunities the city would like to engage in and have them included.

“So I’m going to turn it over to Antonio here to explain his role and to speak to you from his perspective.”

Part 2 will be Antionio Gomez -Palacio explaining what he will be doing and why.

City Manager Commisso said the time frame given to prepare a response was tight but he felt it could be done.

The promise.

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Moving the Tiger Cats to the Paletta King Road site

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Things you want to know about the Grey Cup - Oskee Wee Wee

In 1921, the Oskee Wee Wee cheer was first used at a Hamilton Tigers football game. Back then, there were two teams in Hamilton — the Tigers and the Wildcats. They merged in 1950 to become the Hamilton Tiger-Cats.

Three Interesting facts about the Grey Cup Trophy

It may not be the usual month that Canadians are treated to all that this tournament has to offer, but the 108th Grey Cup is just around the corner. With all of the action kicking off on 12th December, we thought that it would be a great time to reflect on the history of this Cup.

While the Grey Cup may not be quite as popular as the NFL, it is still big business in Canada. According to research by Betway Insider, the Grey Cup still stacks up well against the NFL Super Bowl and brings Canadians the same thrill that their US counterparts experience. So much so that even Burlington residents were behind getting the Grey Cup game to Hamilton in 2021. Some of the draw of the Grey Cup is down to its history and some of the interesting facts that can be attributed to it. Let’s take a look at the top three:

Fire struck the 35th Grey Cup

It was back in 1947 that the Toronto Argonauts rowing club building caught fire. It didn’t just catch fire – the building was burnt down in its entirety. Inside this building was no other than the Grey Cup and there was real concern that this could spell the end of the tournament for that year with no cup to award. Fate, however, had different ideas.

The shelf that was home to the cup had collapsed during the fire. Every trophy on that shelf had fallen to the ground and been destroyed. All except for one. By some miracle, the Grey Cup fell but found itself caught in a nail. This saved the cup from the engulfing fire.

The Grey Cup sees more points being scored than the Super Bowl

What makes a game exciting and the ultimate in entertainment is the number of points that are scored. The more points the bigger the thrill and the more intense a game becomes. When you compare the Grey Cup to the NFL Super Bowl, the way in which points are awarded is almost the same. There is, however, a difference.

The CFL provides a wider field, extra receiver, and unlimited movement before the snap. The result? A fast-paced and higher-scoring game. Research from Betway Insider has shown that the last 25 Grey Cups have seen 1,312 points being scored compared to 1,201 at the Super Bowl.

The Grey Cup has been stolen three times – so far!

The RCMP keep the Grey Cup safe.

The Grey Cup is clearly an attractive trophy. So attractive that thieves have targeted it three times. The first time was back in 1967 with the cup being stolen from the Hamilton Tiger-cats. It appeared that this was more about a prank than a real ambition to keep the cup as it was found abandoned some three days later.

1969 saw the Grey Cup being stolen for the second time. This time it was taken from the Ottawa Rough Riders only to turn up in a hotel locker. The most recent occasion came in 1997 when Toronto kicker Mike Vanderjagt had it stolen from him in a bar. Fortunately, it was recovered the very next day.


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Gyms, Rinks, and Community Rooms for rent this holiday season

By Staff

December 1st, 2021



City of Burlington is offering special rates for rentals of gyms, ice rinks and community rooms from now until January 2nd, 2022.

. Residents can book space for 60 or 90-minute intervals at a variety of locations across the city. This presents a great opportunity for families to be active together in a safe, controlled environment over the month of December.

Rentals can be made 48-hours or more in advance. All bookings can be done through

  • Gym rentals are available at Tansley Woods Community Centre and Haber Community Centre for $28.90. Rental includes exclusive use of the gym and basketball nets and soccer nets. Renters must bring their own equipment.
  • Ice rink rentals are available at Appleby Ice Centre, Mainway Ice Centre and Mountainside Arena for $139.64. Rentals include exclusive use of the rink, hockey nets and skate aids. Renters must bring all other equipment.
  • Community room rentals are available at Tansley Woods Community Centre, Mountainside Community Centre and Haber Community Centre for $25. Rental includes two tables, 10 chairs. Renters must bring any other equipment they need such as crafts, fitness items or games. Sport balls or large sport equipment are not allowed in community rooms.

A steal of a deal at less than 30 bucks an hour.

All COVID-19 precautions and restrictions apply.

For more information, including booking and payments, visit

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Tim Hortons free PA Day and winter break swimming and skating

By Staff

November 18th, 2021



Tim Hortons is picking up the tab for free swimming and skating on the PA Day, Nov. 26

Tim Hortons has also made a contribution to the Skate Lending Program which will be coming to the Burlington Rotary Centennial Pond when it is opened later this year.

During the PA Day there will be four hours of free swimming and four and a half hours of skating on Nov. 26

It will be a fun time – but you do have to register.

During the winter break, there will be more than 20 hours of free swimming and 74 hours of skating for residents.

For all days and activities, pre-registration is required and registration opens 25-hours in advance for residents and 2 hours for non-residents and all persons 12 years and older will require proof of vaccination and must complete the screening at

For more information on dates and times and to register, visit

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