Does a British accent increase the price of a presentation? Find out.


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News 100 yellowBy Pepper Parr

April 6th, 2018



What happens when a couple of “toffs” who both have British accents talk to each other?

You have to watch these two and wonder what music can do to grown men.

Once they get past the music – Paul Copcutt, a personal brand consultant, has a really interesting conversation with James Burchill during one of those Coffee Confidential interviews that Burchill does while tootling about the city in his Smart Car.

Interesting to hear them talk about how they use their accent to leverage their presentations.

Copcutt talks about what a brand is and what it isn’t and Burchill is merciless when he describes how he evaluates the marketing efforts of some corporations. Withering – but very true.

Copcutt throws in a nice little discount for his service near the end of the interview.

Burchill has been doing these interviews for a number of months; worth tuning into.


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2 comments to Does a British accent increase the price of a presentation? Find out.

  • SteveW

    I’m English, having emigrated when I was 7 years old. I don’t really have an accent now but occasionally the odd word slips out. The reason I mention this, is that during my IT career I worked for a large US software company (acquired by IBM now) and presented frequently for technical sales presentations. One of my managers at the time told me to sound more English during a presentation to a large financial company in Manhattan. He said, “Americans love the English, you just sound more intelligent and are more interesting”.

  • Susie

    When we have run out of real news and have to use our air time on “how accents leverage presentations”, tells me we either have a perfect city with no hiccups, or we are just bouncing puppets swinging in the wind with no cares or direction?? We need the strongest of those two “smart car conversationalist” to use their expertise on leveraging presentations with the City on keeping our downtown historic!!