Downtown and lake front were quiet and civil on Saturday and Sunday

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April 26th, 2021



It wasn’t tank top and short shorts weather but it was an improvement over the weather the city experienced the past two weeks.

Previously, when the weather was warm and did invite short shorts there were complaints about the number of people who were using the Promenade at Spencer Smith Park and just hanging around the downtown core.

Promenade Apr 24

No crowds, many people were masked and traffic moved nicely.

The Covid19 infection reports are still a serious threat – the prevailing attitude in Burlington seems to be that those reports concern Toronto and the Region of Peel – Burlington is safe.

Far from the truth – many people in Toronto and within the Region of Peel do the best they can to get out of their communities and visit places like Burlington.  The waterfront is a huge attraction.

Family at square opp ciity hall

Families gather in the Square opposite city hall enjoying the warmer weather.

The Emergency Control Group that oversees just how the city administration responds to the infection threat is working double time putting together plans to limit the number of people who use the park and the Beachway where there are long stretches of sandy beachfront that will become very inviting when the summer weather is upon us.

For City Manager Tim Commisso this is a problem that keeps him awake at nights; he knows full well that should there be a spike in the number of Covid19 infections in Burlington the public howl will fall on his shoulders.

Commisso Apr 17

Running a city with some exceptionally good people supporting him is a job Tim Commisso, City Manager could do with his eyes closed – that may be why he took on the job when asked to serve as interim and then applied for the job. The task he deals with now is not what he saw coming – but it is something he has to deal with.

The public doesn’t hear all that much from the Emergency Control Group.  At their most recent report to Council Commisso said that he expected to have to meet with Council more often than the on average monthly report in that takes place.

The Emergency Control Group is tasked with adjusting service delivery levels and allocating staff to where it is needed most.

There are now 10 bylaw enforcement officer on the payroll – while parking is something they used to spend a lot of time on – parking is no longer getting the same attention.

The rate of calls to the bylaw enforcement office is up over 200% from last year.  The staff in that office often have to tell people that it is going to be awhile before they can get the attention they want.

Meanwhile, the running of a city has to take place, with the city hall basically closed; open if you need a marriage license – by appointment only.  Transit is still running the system.

Parks are now open and the people at Parks and Recreation have acquired an ability to pivot on about two hours notice skill set.

For people at the municipal level everything is in a state of flux; with the vast majority of the 700 plus full time people working from their homes.  They have all gotten very good at slipping into Zoom meetings.

Finances are in good condition; the province has provided short term and long term funds creating enough of a cushion for Joan Ford, City Treasurer to have the confidence she needs to assure the public that we will not be going broke.



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4 comments to Downtown and lake front were quiet and civil on Saturday and Sunday

  • Janice Jones

    I also agree with the comments above. Cupcakes and ice cream, essential services. My a – – .
    Lockdown, stay at home orders blatantly being ignored. The lineups for cupcakes makes it impossible to distance while trying to get by. Some people are just plain ignorant, selfish morons. Are we not all tired of this situation. Of course. Some of us have not seen family in over a year. We cannot get rid of this virus until everyone cooperates for each other’s sake, plus get a vaccine to get to the hered community

  • Penny Hersh

    Totally agree with Susan and Steve. People need to buy their ice cream at the grocery store and eat it at home. The lineups for ice cream are absolutely ridiculous – no physical distancing and then standing around without masks to eat it.

    Perhaps residents of Burlington need a daily reminder of how many residents have tested positive and how many are fighting for their lives in Joseph Brant Hospital.

    I am tired of hearing that people “want to live their lives”. What about their friends and family who could become sick because they “had to live their lives”?

    Was that ice cream, designer donut and cupcake really worth it?

    Ask the parents of the 13 year old girl who died of Covid 19 in Brampton because her father was afraid to take her to the hospital because there were so many Covid 19 patients and where her mother is fighting for her life.

  • Susan Corrigan

    I fail to see how designer donuts and cupcakes fall into essential services. So annoying when customers bunch up on the sidewalk & one has to go on the road to pass.

  • Steve W

    There are still too many people queuing up without masks for ice cream. Ridiculous. Why can’t people stay at home?