Emma's will re-open - Craig will not be behind the bar.

News 100 blueBy Pepper Parr

May 28th, 2020


Emma’s Back Porch and the Water Street Cooker will re-open but Craig Kowalchuk will not be behind the bar.

Emmas and the cooker - Street view

One of the greatest watering holes in the city.

The buildings were always owned by 2084 Lakeshore Holdings Ltd., they were Kowalchuk’s landlord.

Craig MArch 19 notice BEST

Craig Kowalchuk speaking to his Customer base

Emmas 2084 LAkeshore Holdings BEST BEST

2084 Lakeshore Holdings, Craig Kowalchuk’s former landlord, decided to run the two restaurants when the province permits them to re-open

The Pandemic forced Kowalchuk to close the restaurants which he explained to his loyal client base on March 19th.

Between then and May 12th, when Kowalchuk declared bankruptcy something changed.

The sign on the door explains that 2084 Lakeshore Holdings Inc. will be the operator of the two restaurants.

No word yet on when the province will permit restaurants to re-open.

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8 comments to Emma’s will re-open – Craig will not be behind the bar.

  • Grahame Youngs

    A couple of real insensitive comments on this article. Emma’s wasn’t just a restaurant, It was part of our community. Business owners across Canada were told to close their doors during this pandemic without substantial support. (another loan to keep your business alive just doesn’t cut it) I have to wonder what kind of people make these types of statements. Small business makes up so much of our economy. While you sit around collecting your CERB many entrepreneurs are watching their dream die. You’re probably the same people that go to the grocery stores with your spouse and have total disregard to social distancing, then look down upon others working to make sure that you have food to eat.

    “Good restaurant locations will reopen” “I hope they will honour gift cards” ……..

    Come on people, let’s be better than this.

    Kudos to Terry Youngs for saying what this article is.

  • Terry Youngs

    What is the point of this article other than to slander Craig.
    Was this written by the landlord.

    Horrible reporting.

  • Sadly, I agree with Steve. But I also know Craig is a smart guy. Maybe he already has another limited company ready to spring into position once the green light is given? That seems to be a common thing in the restaurant world.

  • Carol Thomas

    When Emma’s was the Estaminet Dining. (upstairs was The Treetops….for younger people who didn’t mind the winding staircase)……..it was a wonderful place to spend an evening.
    All ages could appreciate the ambiance.
    Here’s hoping!

    Carol Thomas

  • Diana Zimber

    I hope they will honour gift cards…..

  • Helen Skinner

    975445 Ontario Inc. Filed bankruptcy…not Craig personally

  • Helen Skinner

    I think that what the sign really means is that the landlord is hoping that there will be a buyer.

  • Steve Holman

    No surprise – most if not all good restaurant locations will reopen, and think about all the talented staff to choose from and good, cheap second hand restaurant equipment.