Framework will guide vaccine prioritization - THIS is not what the public needs to hear

SwP thumbnail graphicBy Pepper Parr

December 31st, 2020


I am sure the ethical frame work, released by the province yesterday,  within which the distribution of vaccines will be distributed is important.

Did the public not expect that there would be one in place? This is not what the public wanted  to know.  People want to know when they will be getting their vaccinations.

long term care - meal

Are the long term care residents first?

People understand that the people working the front lines in the hospitals and those in long term care facilities are high, very high on the list.

I would not want to be the one who had to choose which came first.

It is after those two groups that the vast majority of the public fall into.

When does the 90 year old in good heath get vaccinated?

And where will she go for that vaccination?

We read that there is a shortage of nurses who will do the inoculation and that the people making the decisions are calling in retired nurses and students.

We are just doing that NOW?  That is work that should have been done months ago.

There is no rocket science in this.  We have population data and we know how many people can be vaccinated in an hour.  Do the math.

Halton has a very good student immunization rate - 93% of students are immunized.

Where are the young people on the schedule ?

The public understands that it takes time to set things up – the bureaucrats and the medical community have had the time to get this work  – March, April, May, June and July – when they knew there was going to be a second wave, and when it was becoming clear that a vaccine was going to be available.

Being told that the Ontario government has released an Ethical Framework for COVID-19 vaccine distribution which was developed in partnership with the COVID-19 Vaccine Distribution Task Force to guide further vaccine prioritization and distribution across the province doesn’t quite cut it in terms of keeping a public informed.

long term care workers

Where are the front line workers on the inoculation schedule; the people at risk working for not much more than the minimum wage.

“This ethical framework is a clear demonstration of our commitment to Ontarians to be transparent,” said General Rick Hillier (retired), Chair of the COVID-19 Vaccine Distribution Task Force. “We know that people are eager to get vaccinated and this framework helps ensure that we do it in an ethical, effective and compassionate way.”

“Phase One of Ontario’s three-phase vaccine implementation plan began on December 15, 2020 at two hospital sites, and increased to 17 additional sites the following week, with the delivery of 90,000 Pfizer-BioNTech doses. With Health Canada’s recent approval of Moderna’s COVID-19 vaccine, the province can expect about 50,000 additional doses before the end of the month.”

Couple of questions:  How many phases are there going to be and what are the dimensions of each phase ?

The people leading the program to get us all vaccinated as quickly as possible are not generating much in the way of public confidence.

We can do better than this. And we should be doing better than this.

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1 comment to Framework will guide vaccine prioritization – THIS is not what the public needs to hear

  • eve

    Total confusion re: vaccination roll-out

    A 90 year old in good shape and in a nursing home should not be vaccinated before the
    people who are exposing him to this virus…90 year old- for most time–are not busy and out and about in the communities They are basically in the homes,

    So, I agree that workers at the residences and visitors should get the vaccine first to
    protect and keep those residents safe.

    Doctors, nurses and other front line workers would not betting infected if they were not seeing the people in the communities who are infected and crowding the hospitals and ICUs.

    According,to Dr. Warner at Michael Garron Hospital, they are not seeing seniors at the hospital… Majority of people who are admitted are within age group 49-70 are from the communities, and they are workers, caregivers, etc, and others

    Why not give the first dose of vaccine to nursing, retirement homes staff, people active
    in the communities, 49-70 working age group. Then these groups will follow-up for the second dose of the vaccine when it is due…

    This will protect residents in the homes and all front-line staff –hopefully.

    Vaccination should then be given to all front-line staff , residents in retirement, nursing homes, and at risk people..

    A few other countries are using this method, and it seem to be working. USA is considering
    this method

    No holding back of vaccines–give first dose to all people who are qualified—
    who will then follow- up for second dose when due…..Spread it out—there will be enough–
    for a second dose for everyone, according to the government…this will provide more protection for Ontarians