Give the Liberals a minority - and hope the Liberal Party will find the leadership needed when Justin resigns.

By Pepper Parr

September 18th, 2021



Many of us have already voted – hopefully a really significant number of Canadians will turn out to cast a ballot in this very important election.

There was no reason for this election to even take place and it is our belief that we will end up with basically the same thing when all the ballots are counted: A minority Liberal government.

Justin Trudeau does not deserve to be given the majority he wants.

There is hard work to be done: Covid19, the economy, housing – do we need a list longer than that?

The current problems aside – there is still the SNC Lavalin issue and the loss of a two female members of the Liberal caucus.

The embarrassing trip to India

The embarrassing trip to India

The WE matter

Two pronouncements from the Ethics Commissioner.

The hopes were high

The hopes were high when Justin Trudeau first ran for the leadership– another Trudeau was going to lead the country – but it hasn’t worked out that way.

That happens in politics. Let Justin Trudeau work with whatever the public gives him on Monday.

Politics being the blood sport it is – the knives will be coming out and the Liberals will begin to look for a new leader – expect to see that in 18 to 24 months.

There is a shift taking place in the way different segments of society expect their political leadership to perform.  The People’s Party of Canada is growing at a disturbing rate; the Greens are failing to grow at a disturbing rate and both the Liberal and Conservative party leaders are learning that they aren’t really as in touch with the members as they should be.

The Liberal Party polls higher than the leader of the Party and the Conservative leader is not able to impress upon his own membership that getting everyone vaccinated is critical if we are ever going to get ourselves from a pandemic to an endemic state with Covid19.

We will be watching closely Monday evening – we might be up very late or we might know as soon as the pools open in the Prairies.

The mess in Alberta – it’s actually a tragedy, that could have been avoided.  Hundreds will die unnecessary death because of decisions Jason Kenny made.

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12 comments to Give the Liberals a minority – and hope the Liberal Party will find the leadership needed when Justin resigns.

  • Alfred


    The Election actually cost $612 Million dollars to the Canadian taxpayers. If you thought $6 million was bad then!!!

  • Carol Victor

    Never leave a job because you don’t like the boss…stick to the party policy despite the leader.

  • Stephen White

    This is a truly hilarious article! I don’t know which part of it is funnier: the part that suggests we should give a corrupt, ineffectual government with an arrogant, entitled leader another term, or the part that suggests that somehow rank-and-file Liberal supporters have the courage, moxie or nerve to stand up and challenge the entrenched leadership.

    Justin Trudeau’s government is nothing more than a superficial collection of dutiful supplicants who salivate on cue at their leader’s behest. Trudeau, like his daddy, starts from the assumption that MPs are “nobodies”. He surrounds himself with loyal subjects who do his bidding. He can’t tolerate dissent. Blind acquiescence is rewarded. Read Jody-Wilson Raybould’s recently published book if you don’t believe that statement.

    Say what you like about the Conservatives and the NDP they both share one admirable trait: dissent isn’t usually suppressed, and people are entitled to differences of opinion. That includes challenging the leadership. You saw it after the 2015 election when Thomas Mulcair, probably one of the brightest and most capable parliamentarians ever to sit in the House of Commons, was dispatched by members upset with his leadership. You saw it in the 1970’s with the rise of the Waffle Movement. You see it today with Avi Lewis and the Leap Manifesto.

    As for the Tories, speaking from experience I can tell you members are not afraid to speak our minds and challenge authority. We also aren’t afraid to challenge the leader or have policy differences, and there are countless examples federally where leadership challenges have emerged (e.g. John Diefenbaker, Robert Stanfield, Andrew Scheer). Even today you will find an array of ideological perspectives in the federal Conservative Party ranging from “Red Tories” through to those who are ardent supporters of free enterprise. The current PM looks at this as a sign of weakness, but since when was having a difference of opinion inherently wrong??

    Dissent and the Liberal Party are mutually exclusive concepts. The Liberal Party is essentially an amorphous collection of feel good, motherhood bromides wrapped up in woke symbolism, and suffused with a healthy dollop of personalism. The Liberal Party has never undergone a significant challenge to its Leader, and it has never experienced a serious, critical analysis of its goals, missions and values. Even after the disastrous performance of John Turner in 1984, or more recently, the meltdowns from Stephane Dion and Michael Ignatieff, the Liberal Party has avoided critical self-reflection. Instead of concentrating on policy or addressing the substantive root problems the focus is always on searching for a new messiah who will lead them to the promised land.

    Regardless of what happens in today’s election, don’t expect a grass-roots challenge to the Liberal Party leadership anytime soon. Simply put, it isn’t in their DNA.

  • Joe Gaetan

    Justin Trudeau is the first and only Prime Minister found guilty by an Ethics Commissioner of violating the act since it passed in 2006.He has done so 3 times.

  • Cathy

    Lol. You do know that “minority Liberal government” isn’t on the ballot.

  • Jim

    Of course giving the Conservatives a minority would actually ensure that Trudeau resigns.

  • Colette Ertel

    Unfortunately the Conservative party is divided between those who want to change with the times, while still clinging to our message of fiscal responsibility and those who are stuck back in time. I believe that Erin O’Toole is very much in touch with what the majority of his party members want. You can’t please everyone all of the time. Great leadership requires bold moves that may not always be popular but are necessary.

  • Dan

    What exactly does Jason Kenney have to do with the Federal election? Nothing, unless you support the Liberal party

  • Joe Gaetan

    I say send the Liberal party a message. Canadians don’t support $610 million dollar vanity elections during the 4th wave of a pandemic. This is a groundhog day election and the party that called it should not be rewarded in any way shape or form.

  • Steve W

    A Liberal win is the only way out of the pandemic.

  • Hans Jacobs

    Re: “…do we need a list longer than that?” – the climate change issue should probably be on it n’est-ce pas?

  • Mozelle Cole

    Justin was right…the budget did balance itself… I guess the six million dollars it’s costing all of us simply because he wants to play “let’s have an election” in the middle of a pandemic, will also pay for itself.

    Edited for content: Some unacceptable remarks made about immediate family.