How did the most important part of the name - community - get dropped?

SwP thumbnail graphicBy Pepper Parr

June 15th, 2106


I didn’t see the change – even though I was at the event where it was announced.

What I saw was an attractive corporate logo with a really catchy tag line;

Give brilliantly!

BCF logoThe occasion was the launch of the tag line and the newly designed logo put together by Play advertising for the Burlington Community Foundation.

This was the organization that publishes a Vital Signs report on the health of the community.

This is the organization that manages a significant number of endowments created for some community based purpose.

This is the organization that hands out close to a million dollars each year to different community non-profit organizations.

This is the organization that hours after the flood of August 2014, went to work and 100 days later had just short of a million in the bank to hand out to peoples whose homes had been devastated.

I could go on – the word community appears in everything they do.

Thus it was surprising when a friend pointed out to me that word “community” had been dropped from the name – it was now to be the Burlington Foundation.


BCF Mulholland + sign new logoWhen asked for a comment and some clarity, president and CEO Collen Mulholland explained that “Burlington is, and always will be, a thriving community. The Foundation is an integral part — the fabric of the community — as Burlington’s sustainable giving foundation.

“We don’t feel it’s necessary to repeat the word community. We wanted to keep are refreshed brand name concise and memorable also using our new rallying cry and tag line, Give Brilliantly.”

“Hope this helps to clarify for you.”

It doesn’t – defining just who you are matters. Burlington Foundation could be a bank, a club a company that builds basements.

The Burlington Community Foundation tells me exactly what they do – and I applaud that heartily. Continue to Give Brilliantly – the community needs all the help it can get.

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