How is Burlington taking to on-line gambling ?

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November 26th, 2020



Betting games have always been a piece of Canada since the beginning of her history.

The Great White North is on the top ten list of countries with the most gamblers, and the province of Ontario is a globally known casino destination for land-based clubs.

Ontario is the area with the most local gamblers in the country and has the highest revenue. Today, the internet betting framework in Canada is seen by many as the casino and gambling industry’s future.

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Online Canadian gambling services offer many benefits for the residents of Burlington in today’s social and political climate.

Internet betting amongst Burlington residents has become popular because of its convenience. These online Canadian gambling services offer many benefits for the residents of Burlington in today’s social and political climate. You can check out some of the available and reputable Canadian casinos here.

The Locals are Logging On
More and more Burlington residents turn to online gambling as a simple way to have fun at home.

Demographic research of online gambling in Canada states that four out of five gamblers are male. Still, more female users are logging onto online gambling services on their smartphones. The people most likely to gamble or those enrolled in full-time education and under 35.

Of all the online games and services, slot and blackjack games get the most visits. Three-quarters of these players are playing virtualized versions of classic fruit slot machines; some of them are winning big prizes.

Now that land-based casino games are transitioning to online availability, it’s never been more comfortable to gamble. Especially with the relaxed online regulations, more Burlington locals can now access this pastime.

A Safe Way to Have Fun

In Burlington, players love to engage in online games in a safe, secure way to relax and play. In the past year, revenue for online casinos in Canada has skyrocketed to upwards to $31 million a year.

The advancements in mobile, virtual, and augmented reality create a real casino-like experience. It showcases modern ways to play casino classics, pushing for online gambling’s projected growth in Canada.

This new technology entices veteran players and attracts those new to the gambling world. Some of the most popular casino software providers in this country are Microgaming, NetEnt, Playtech, and Real Time Gaming.

Potential Income in Uncertain Times

There have been life-changing amounts of money that have been won by Canadian online casino players. A Burlington resident won the $250,000 Lottario jackpot in September of this year. An even bigger win of $20 million was on the MegaMoolah progressive slot in 2019, and a similar success on that same Canadian slot occurred only one year earlier.
Canada’s Soft Gambling Regulations

The Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation is the public authority that manages all lottery, gambling, and circuit activities in Ontario. The OLGC has created more relaxed laws towards the online casino industry than others, even the United States. In 2015, they dispatched their casino website. It is the leading site of the area, but the only one that is regulated.

Many foreign online casinos are accessible in Burlington. All local betting game play is legal through these unregulated sites. Canadians can access these because the OLGC has not created a licensing structure for these outside businesses to register and become licensed in Canada.

Many Reasons to Play

There are many legitimate reasons why Burlington residents are logging on to casino sites, and it isn’t just because of the Canadian ancestry or the adrenaline pumping allure. The available technology, abundant opportunities to win big, and relaxed local casino laws make way for a vast online gambling presence in Burlington that shows no signs of slowing down.

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