Is there a possibility that the $4 million the marina got for the build of a breakwater could be rescinded?

Budget 2018 ICONBy Pepper Parr

February 7th, 2019



Is the $4 million funding given to the LaSalle Park Marina by the last city council at risk?


Gary Scobie – prefers that the marina not get a dime but if the $4 is approved – make it a loan.

Mayor Meed Ward made mention of talk about rescinding the decision made by the previous council.

Gary Scobie who delegated on the use of the Hydro Reserve fund – something few people knew anything about.

Scobie argued that the city has no business giving that amount of money to a private organization that sits on land owned by the city of Hamilton when there are not much more than a couple of hundred members of the LaSalle Park Marina Association.

The option the LaSalle PArk MArina Association hopes is chosen through the Environmental Assessment due MArch 2013.

The option the LaSalle Park Marina Association hopes is chosen.

It was a messy debate when the $4 million was first put on the table.

What isn’t clear at this point is whether or not the $4 million is a loan or an outright gift.

Scobie said he didn’t want any money going to the Marina but if money did go to the organization it should be in the form of a loan.
The funds were needed for the installation of a breakwater – without an upgraded breakwater membership in the Marina will plummet – no one will want to tie up at a marina that insurance companies will not cover.

Rescind – it was a surprising word to hear.

More healthy debate on that one.

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10 comments to Is there a possibility that the $4 million the marina got for the build of a breakwater could be rescinded?

  • Jim Young

    Glad to see Gary and the Gazette raising this issue. When originally passed I delegated in opposition to the 4 million. Msmbers of the Marina Associatikn (an incorporated company as I recall) delsgated en masse gkving the impression there was a groundswell of support. Other than marina members and previous council members I do not know anybody in ward 1 who supports this. If we need a city Marine it should be part of Parks and Rec and only when Burlington owns the property..

    • James Thomson

      Actually, about half the Ward 1 candidates in the election were in favour of the Marina getting the money. I asked them. The winner Kelvin Galbraith, was of the opinion that losing the marina would be a tragedy to the city of Burlington and Aldershot.
      Aldershot Village BIA was always in favour of the Marina getting a wave break. They think it will lead to more business.

  • D.Duck

    Hey City,
    I need a new driveway. How about a sweet deal for me too!!

  • Glenda

    Yes we realize hydro reserve fund is the property of the city and the reserve fund should be for HYDRO purposes only and not used to service a marina with a few hundred members…reserve funds are just that a reserve of cash for HYDRO purposes…..if the city can give away 4 million reserve dollars (and who says it would be able to repay even if as a loan) then how about a reduction in Hydro cost since a part of our hydro payments service the “HYDRO” RESERVE FUND.

  • James Thomson

    No confusion, it was an outright gift of up to $4 million, contingent on signing of a long term joint venture agreement with LPMA. City Staff was directed to negotiate a $500,000 contribution from LPMA as part of negotiations on a revised joint venture agreement.
    Any sign of the JV agreement?

  • Allen Jones

    Guys, Really? 4 million $ to a private marina?

    This is a perfect example for the City – now under the watchful eye of a competent Mayor – of areas that need financial tightening up … of working smarter and not handing out our tax dollars on areas beyond the municipal mission – look after: the infrastructure, roads & transportation, public safety and, design and build control, pay people a decent wage and CONTROL COSTS.

  • Steve

    What on Earth does Burlington Hydro have to do with a private marina on Hamilton’s land? This is nuts.

  • steven craig gardner

    Joe Gaetan You do realize Burlington Hydro is owned by the CIty of Burlington I believe not a provate company so I assume the reserves are the property of the city??

  • Joe Gaetan

    This expenditures raises other questions, like does B.H. have so much money that they can afford to give it away to the marina or any other project? Will this expenditure/gift mean B.H. will have to increase rates to recoup the funds? If B.H. is awash in cash, they don’t seem to need, why not reduce our hydro rates as well? Does the B.H charter allow for this and where is the transparency?