Marathoner is ready for the long haul with kids out of school.

graphic coping blueBy Ashley Worobec

March 26th, 2020



The Gazette has put together a team of parents who are at home taking care of their children while the province goes through school closures and the shut down of everything other than essential services.

Ashley Worobec, Amber Rohol, and Nicki St. George will write regularly on how they are coping.  We invite parents to take part in this initiative by adding comments to each Coping with COVID19 & the kids article.

Ashley Worobec is a  chiropractor  working with athletes as well as a mother with two children  11 and 8.  She completed the New York City Marathon a number of months ago.

We have a big sheet of paper where we brainstormed a bunch of ideas to do over the coming weeks.

Lots of house projects, like sorting through our closets, cleaning out the garage, raking the backyard.

Oct 1 Ashley with dog

Ashley Worobec and the family Golden Retriever who has been taught to roll over.

We have been looking on YouTube for “dog trick” videos and trying to teach our Golden Retriever some fun stuff- she just learned how to play dead, ha! Next is rolling over…..

The kids have been using a website called and that’s been helpful to improve their typing skills- there are various levels they can complete.

In the evenings, we’ve been working on a 1000-piece Harry Potter puzzle that’s on our dining room table.

We’ve also looked up a bunch of recipes that interest us, and have been making something new each day, whether that be dinner (last night was chicken parmesan from or baking a new type of muffin.

Facetime has been a lifesaver- lots of chatting with my extended family in Alberta and with the kids’ friends locally.

Ashley Worobec - hair flying H&S

Worobec on a practice run – when the weather was nicer.

My next race is the Chicago marathon in October- so far that’s not changed, but we will see how the coming months play out. All of the Major Spring marathons have either been cancelled or pushed to a Fall date…..

graphic coping redCoping with COVID & the kids is a collaborative effort between three women and the wider community.  The group will “prime the pump” with ideas from their experiences; we invite readers to use the comments section at the end of each feature to add their own ideas.

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