New Medical Wellness Center opens - gala launch.

eventspink 100x100By Pepper Parr

April 28th, 2017



It is going to be a whole new product line.

Media were invited to check out – a new truly comprehensive Medical Wellness Center.

Dr. Ira Price, internationally renowned for expertise in cannabinoid medicine is announcing a new Synergy Health Services clinic to serve Burlington area patients. An exciting new concept, the new clinic truly is a comprehensive Medical Wellness Center, adding vape yoga, massage, acupuncture, exercise therapy and a ground-breaking Cannabis Exploration Center to the Synergy model.

Marijuana educationWe were invited to join them for a gala to celebrate! We were to be treated to kombucha samples (including a special Kombucha Martini made by a guest mixologist!), wine and beer tasting, and tasty organic treats by Green Bar, Hamilton’s vegan cafe.

Catering was to be provided by JONNY BLONDE, a celebrated local eatery known for its chef inspired, locally farmed, anti-biotic-free ethical eats.

Members of the local business community who donated many great prizes for the exciting raffles that were to take place throughout the evening were going to be on hand.

This had the look of a great evening; something to talk about for weeks.


It is going to be a whole new product line.

Dr. Price seems to have come to term with the three-month suspension for misconduct given to him by the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario, for altering a medical record and misleading a college investigator.

Synergy Health Services’ website lists Price as an assistant clinical professor, Division of Emergency Medicine, at McMaster University.

We weren’t able to “celebrate this innovative new addition to the Burlington health landscape” – we had to work the next day.

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1 comment to New Medical Wellness Center opens – gala launch.

  • Penny

    There is a lot of misconception around the use of cannabis. Yes, there are those that use it to get high, but it has proven in the right combination to help with chronic pain. In the United States it is possible to purchase a cannabis patch that is effective for fibromyalgia and diabetic neuropathy.

    For those that say that cannabis is not a regulated or tested substance unlike other drugs in Canada that require rigorous testing, may I remind you that opioids were. They underwent this testing and look where that has got society.

    I have never used cannabis, however, if I needed to use it to make my life pain free I certainly would try it.