People of Burlington know how to follow the rules

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May 14th, 2021



When left to following the rules most Burlingtonians comply.

A Gazette reporter/photographer  got out into the parks and the waterfront – things were quieter, people were following the rules – getting the exercise and fresh air they needed,

The pictures tell the story.

Ships and fishing

Ships at anchor while a couple test the waters for fish. There were actually three ships at anchor – unusual for Hamilton.

little guy not sure LaSalle May 13

The little guy wasn’t exactly sure what he wanted to do despite a lot of coaxing from Dad; the other two new exactly what they wanted to do,

hanging from parl equipment

LaSalle man reading in sunshine shorts

Looks like this man is working on his tan and doing a crossword puzzle. Great social distancing.

LaSalle Mom with daughter picnic

Mom just wants to know why the camera is pointed at her.

Beachway - few people walking

Very few people on the Beach on a Thursday – it will be different on a weekend that is forecast to have great weather.

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6 comments to People of Burlington know how to follow the rules

  • g.fraser

    Can you actually take pictures of people in public places, showing their faces,
    and then publish them on line?

    • perryb

      In a distant gentler time, you would have to get signed permissions – and could not record people without permission. In the present social media era, it’s the wild west, where the personal privacy of other people means nothing.

  • perryb

    and your point is….?

    • g.fraser

      I would have assume you would know; legality. I would not wish someone, anyone taking a picture of my young child in a park, school yard, mall, etc that could end up on the internet without permission from the parent. I hope this helps clarify what is my point.

  • Bob

    11 people in the photos, 1 mask