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June 20th, 2020


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The city came out of its ‘lockdown” yesterday; people walked the streets and had a beer or a glass of wine and met with neighbours and friends.

Some of the distancing rules didn’t stick as well as they perhaps should have.

Earlier in the week city council decided they would go all out to give the hospitality sector all the help they could.

The rules for pop up patios were relaxed; fees were waived and there was staff in place to process applications.

Citizens saw how city hall could move when it wanted to. There was no bureaucracy to trip over.

The pictures tell the story.

Queens head BEST

The Queen’s Head was open for business and the suds flowed – masks for all the staff.

Joe Dogs

Joe Dogs made sure you understood the rules – happy hands during the Happy Hours.

Claachio on Brant

Social distancing strictly observed.

Lisa at Joe Dogs

Did they check her ID? She could walk home if it came to that. Ward 2 Councillor Lisa Kearns checking on the hospital sector on the first night of limited re-opening.


In the up close and personal services market – everyone wears masks. Getting appointment with a hair dresser is not as simple as a single phone call.

Emmas we knew

Not everyone bounced back right away. The Back Porch at Emma’s looks abandoned.

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